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IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Spot Shot

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Spot Shot

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Spot Shot 40ml

* I am writing this review after trying out the samples that I've got from IOPE's trouble clinic experience event. 


Skin type: Sensitive skin with pimples
Basic information: A woman in her mid-twenties
The type of pimples: Purulent or erythema papulosum. I especially get a lot of pimples on my chin. 


I personally think the greatest worries of ordinary women is whitening and wrinkles. 
As its evidence, there are so many products out there are known to enhance the wrinkles and provide whitening effects for the skin. 

However, unlike the ordinary skin, I personally think one of the greatest worries of those people who have pimples is the the enhancement of their pimples and pimple scars. Here are some of the products out there that are known to enhance pimples. 1. Spot/serum that calms down the pimples that you see with your eyes. 2. The essence that takes care of pimples in the overall sense. 3 The cosmetics that take care of the pores that have become big by pimples. 4. The cosmetics that take care of the red blemishes that can be seen on the eyes after the pimple has been calmed down. (It's different with scars that have been caved in)

The cosmetics that belong to no.1 would be Origin's spot remover, Clinique's Anti-Blemish Gel and the cosmetics that belong to no.2 would be IOPE's Trouble Clinic Treatment Essence, Carezone's serums. They have released more products like this serum than the spot in South Korea. :) Products that belong to no.3 would be Vichy's NORMADERM Night, Laneige's Pore Care series and the product that belongs to no.4 would be LaFormule's Anti-Spot Correction. 

 As I've mentioned previously, the essence in the IOPE TROUBLE Clinic belongs to no.2 and the spot that I'll be reviewing about belongs to no.1. 


The main ingredients of this product are panthenol, panduratin and triclosan acids.
Even though you can only see a single patch in the photograph, the product is sold in 20 patches.

The patch is known to calm down the pimples and prevents the skin from getting scars.
They do not sell the product by the piece right now. :)


The mouth looks sort of strange. The mouth is shaped in a diagonal line. 

[사진 1]

하지만 강력한 효과를 가진 스팟의 경우(위의 3사) 여드름 부위에 바르면 쓰라린 경우가 있는데이 제품의 경우 그런 경험은 없었습니다.
그런 점에서 민감한 피부라던지 처음 여드름 스팟을 쓰시는 분들께 점수를 추천해주고 싶습니다. 

[Photograph 1]

An ordinary spot corrector for pimples is usually a transparent gel-type product. 
Origin's Spot Remover and Clinique's Anti-Blemish Gel are quite famous among those people who are suffering from pimples and even though these products are currently not being sold in South Korea, the effects of ROC's Fast Action Gel belongs in this group. 

I couldn't really get used to this product at first because as you can see it in the photograph, IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Spot Shot has the color of cream and it was quite watery like ordinary essences. Photograph 1 is  Effaclar K and I took this photograph because this product was most similar to IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Spot Shot. 

The spot that had powerful effects, such as the three products that are mentioned above, often hurt my skin, but this product didn't hurt my skin at all. 
For such reasons, I would like to highly recommend this product for those people who have sensitive skin and also those who are using the pimple spot corrector for the first time. 

<How to use>

Apply the appropriate amount on a cotton bud and apply it on the troubled areas of the skin. 

This is when I've spread the cream on the skin. 
I remember myself only applying a small amount when I was using other pimple spot corrector. 
I am sure those people who had been using a different pimple spot corrector may not be used to this method. But you need to spread the content for this product. 

Isn't it correct that the most important thing for a pimple spot corrector is the effects?

[사진 2]

[Photograph 2]

It usually takes three days for the pimple to calm down (purulent pimples)
and it takes six days for it to begin its healing process. (Refer to photograph 2)


1. It's mild. (It does not irritate the skin at all)
2. You can purchase the product very easily. (Shopping malls, internet, Aritaum)
3. The price is very cheap by considering its effects (Especially when we take the volume into consideration)
4. You can experience the synergy effects through the patch. (I was really amazed!)

1. You can not purchase additional patches and therefore you cannot experience the synergy effects. 
2. It would have been better if it had a bit more viscosity because it's a product designed for infected areas of the skin. 
3. You may not be able to finish it because there is so much in it. 

Click here to purchase the product.


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