Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Moisturising Cream

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Moisturising Cream

The product that I am going to write my review about is a moisturizing cream for autumn and winter. The name of this product is IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Moisturising Cream!
My face usually feels a lot of tension after washing my face and I also have atopy on my right cheek. To put it simply, I have a sensitive and dry skin. 

My skin always doesn't take the makeup very well during winter. 
That's why I really needed a moisturizing cream. 
I purchased almost all the famous product, such as Kiehl, Clinique, Etude House, Biotherm, HERA, Laneige, Lancome. 
They seemed to match well on my skin at first, but I started having troubles on my skin and it irritated my skin. So I've decided to try out IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Moisturising Cream instead. 

In fact, I didn't want to use the trouble series because I was sort of proud of my skin. 
But I've changed my mind now. LOL
But right now, I find myself extremely lucky to have found this product. 
This product really got rid of my red blemishes and small pimples!!
I used to have a lot of small pimples under my eyes.. LOL

Let's take a closer look at the product!

 IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Moisturising Cream

The immediate protection layer protects the skin and enhances the skin's level of resistance. 

*The thin protection layer that's created on the surface of the skin protects the skin from harmful environment and the French lavender extracts enhances the level of resistance towards stress to protect the skin effectively. 
* Niacinamide normalizes the skin's original function of protection. 


It's a product that has gone through dermatology test, allergy test and non-comedogenic test!
You have to use it within a year from unsealing~


The design is quite simple. The design of a moisturizing cream doesn't have to be that pretty.
I am fine with the product design as long as it's not that ugly. LOL

You can find a protection lid in the inside when you open the lid. 
I usually use this lid until I am done using. 


I squeezed some out on the back of my hand~

I've applied the cream on the right. 
I am sure that you can see the area on the right is a lot more moist. 
The skin didn't feel tight or was dry after it got absorbed into the skin!


1. Moisturizing effects ★★★★☆
The dead skin cells didn't come off and I didn't feel the tension on my skin even if 
I've only applied the primer and the foundation after my basic cosmetics in the morning. 
(Other products made my skin extremely dry) You cannot feel the dryness on the skin in the morning if you apply half the more amount that you normally apply. 

2. Enhancement of skin troubles ★★★★★
I had a sensitive and dry skin and used to have a lot of small pimples on the cheeks before using this product. I also had red blushes on my face. After using this product for about a month or two, the small pimples disappeared and the red blushes got a lot better even though I got one or two pimples from time to time. 

3. Fragrance ★★
It smells like medicine. The smell is sort of similar to the smell of an ointment. 
It sort of smelled like the smell that you smell in a pharmacy. 

4. Would I buy it again? ★★★★★+★
I personally think it was a perfect moisturizing cream for my skin. 
I'll be continuosly using this product until a better produces comes out in a cheaper price!


Click here to purchase the product.

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