Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE Whitegen Luminous Emulsion

IOPE Whitegen Luminous Emulsion

IOPE Whitegen Luminous Emulsion
A whitening emulsion that creates a transparent skin with its antioxidant effects. 

[Cosmetics with the function of whitening effects]
- The moist and light texture leaves a smooth and refreshing feeling when it gets absorbed into the skin and the outstanding antioxidant effects of Oxodefen™ provide a brighter skin tone. 
- Phyto squalane and ceramide that have been extracted from olive oil hold back the moisture from evaporating and the whitening ingredients help to let it get absorbed effectively into the skin. 
Skinchroma Complex™ provides a deep care of the three coloring ingredients that are known to make the skin dark to provide a deeper whitening effects. 
Pump the product 2 to 3 times and apply it on you entire face from the inside to outside after using the softener. 

The volume is 120ml. 

It's a pump-type product~

It's a white liquid emulsion. 
The texture is sort of like a jelly. 
It's a completely different texture than lotion's texture. 

It's not completely like a gel.
It's stickier than gel. 

Most of products in the IOPE Whitegen series are quite sticky. 


Isn't it really moist?
You need to apply more than this in the morning. :)
You'll be disappointed if you only apply this much. 

It's clear and transparent!
Yes. It's true. 
It surely does make a huge difference. 
I've been using this product for about four months and I am really satisfied with it. :)

This is after it's dry. 
The area on the right is definitely moist and glossy!

I touched my hand after taking this photograph and it was a lot more soft. 
It's got great moisturizing ability. 
I washed my hands and it still feels good. :)


I'll definitely buy this product again. 
I would give.4.5 stars for this product.


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