Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream

IOPE Whitegen Intense Cream

The volume is 60ml and I personally think there is a lot in it
because you don't have to use that much. :)

The cream comes along with a spatula~
Don't forget that you always have to keep the spatula clean~


This is how the product looks like. 

I couldn't really the texture of the cream because it was too white. 
I think my photograph came out a bit dark. 
The viscosity is very high. 

It's a cream that is so much different than moisturizing creams. 
it's not like a gel in any way~


Can you see how it doesn't move around on my hand?

I spread it and this is how it looks like. 
You need to rub this cream well. 
The texture of this cream is sort of similar to the texture of La Mer's cream. 
It's actually less smooth than La Mer's cream. 



You can melt the cream a bit with the warmth of your hand before applying. 

White Gen Intense Cream
A whitening cream that makes a vital and shiny skin with its concentrated ingredients. 

[Whitening Cosmetics]
- It provides a young, clean and healthy skin by taking care of the skin oxidation caused by various environmental factors and pigmentation caused by saccharification of collagen and aging of the skin. 
- it provides a vital and clear skin by filing up the surface of the skin, for it contains highly enriched Anti - A.G.E White Complex™. 
- The texture of the cream has a high level of adhesion and therefore provides sufficient moisture to the skin and also creates a clean and clear environment for the skin 

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  1. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.

  2. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  3. 3 is the second time buying a gift all?? ** ^ ^ **