Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laneige Multi Cleanser

Laneige Multi Cleanser

I have always been using HERAs foam cleanser 
and I tried changing my cleanser this time. :)
I bought it right away because I tried out the sample and it was so good. :)
Laneige Multi Cleanser is a 4 in 1 cleanser.  :)
It's a cleanser that removes the makeup + removes the sun cream + takes care of the dead skin cells + face wash. :)
I normally use the foam cleanser after washing my face once. :)
The volume is 180ml. :)


 I took this photograph in the bathroom. :)
It's really big. 

I wrote a review on Lotree Powder and HERA Multi BB Cream just now and
squeezed some foam cleanser on the back of my hand. :)


The power and the BB cream got mixed together and
it seems to melt down all the dirt on my skin. :)

Let's see if the powder gets washed off cleanly like the BB cream. :)
You need to check whether it gets cleansed very well because you're using it everyday. 
this foam cleanser isn't that smooth because it contains small grains. :)
I think they made it in this way because it needs to remove the dead skin cells. :)


I put some more water on it. 
The foam doesn't seem to come out very well today. 

I washed it off with water and I can feel the 

I washed it off with the toner and 
it got wiped off very cleanly. :)

It's so good because there so much in it by considering its price, it has a good smell and
also because I don't get any skin trouble. :)

Click here to purchase the product.


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