Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laneige pore deep clearing form

Laneige pore deep clearing form

 Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Form 160ml
- The fine foam cleanses the pores deeply and the the huge foam removes the dirtiness on the surface of the skin to create a clean and clear skin that isn't glossy. 
-The Morocco Ghassoul provides fine scrubbing effects and makes the skin bright, 
and Glove extracts controls the secretion of sebum to maintain clean pores. 
- It helps you to wash your face very cleanly because it has used the mild vegetable cleansing ingredients. 
- It removes the toxins and the wastes near the pores because it contains the pore purifying complex and it enhances the defensive power of your skin against troubles. 



Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Form! It has such a refreshing design. 
It's a perfect foam cleansing for summer!!


I guess most foam cleansing foams have similar designs. 
It's a tube-type product and it can be used very conveniently because it had a lid on it. 
The volume is 160ml. 


It makes me feel even better because the product has been recently manufactured. 


I usually look at how much foam the product creates when I choose a foam cleanser. 
I simply created the foam with my hands and this much foam was created. The foam was very easy to create even though I didn't squeeze that much. You can create a lot more foam by using the bubble net. 

the foam isn't that sticky or anything and it doesn't shrink that easily either. 
It's very soft and creamy. I can feel that the foam is very fine. 
Of course, it feels very good you wash your face. 


Of course, we don't usually wash our face with a single  foam cleanser 
after doing a heavy makeup. But how well the product cleanses is very important
because it's a cleansing product after all~

I applied a lot of stuff on the back of my hand. 
Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, waterproof eyeliner. 
They all got erased very well with the foam cleanser. It cleansed extremely well for a foam cleanser! But the waterproof eyeliner sort of remained on the skin. 
You should use the special remover for products like these~

It cleansed very well for a foam cleanser. 
Also, the product was very cool and refreshing. 
I don't know how to explain it. Should I say that it's refreshing?
I cannot really feel that sebum is decreasing because I have a dry skin and I do not have that much sebum on my skin. But my skin definitely got cleaner after using this product. 
I personally think you'll be able to feel the tension on your skin if you use this product on seasons except during. 

But, it's definitely a great product to use during summer because the fragrance is very refreshing. I don't think there's anything that I do not like about this product. It should especially match very well on those people who have oily skin!!


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