Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laneige Sunblock Aqua SPF35PA++

Laneige Sunblock Aqua SPF35PA++


It's not true that sun creams are necessary only during summer. 
You need to use the sun cream 365 days a year!

I've been using H brand's sun cream. 
Even though it didn't irritate the skin and it was very comfortable, it seemed to have darkening effects because it contains oil. Despite the darkening effects, I finished using the product and bought a new product this time!


 Laneige Sunblock Aqua SPF35PA++ (70ml/20,000 KRW)

[The daily sun care that replenishes the moisture that have evaporated]

- It protects the skin from strong ultraviolet rays and provides moisture to the skin that's exposed to the environment that takes away the the moisture to help you maintain a healthy skin. 
- It's refreshing and you can feel the light sense of moisture. It does not irritate the skin because it has a refreshing finish. 
- It makes the dry skin that is likely to get damaged easily by the exposure to light healthy. 



Even though it has a pretty big volume of 70ml, it's not that big. 


The product has a golden lid. The golden lid doesn't match very well with the Aqua concept. 
I guess it is the color of the sun. 
You can let the product stand on your dressing table because it's flat on the bottom. 


It is very easy to control the amount because the mouth is very small. 


The content comes out very nicely and the shape maintains its shape. 
The product makes you think that it's Aqua when you actually apply it on your hand. 
It applies very lightly on the skin like an essence and it gets absorbed very quickly. 
It makes me think that I should apply more because it applies very lightly. 
It was sort of sticky at first. Perhaps it was because of the moisture that is in this product. 


I cut the oil paper and put them on the areas that I've applied the sunblock. 
I flipped my hands over and only 2 pieces remained out of 15 pieces. 

It's sort of sticky at first, but it gets gets very soft and smooth after a certain amount of time. 
It does not have dry finish. 
It did not turn my skin white and I think it is a pretty good sun cream that can be used everyday. 

Click here to purchase the product.


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