Friday, February 22, 2013

Mamonde Total solution BB balm 13g

Mamonde Total solution BB balm 13g


Mamonde Total Solution BB Balm has been recently released.
It's was already on sale online, 
but began selling this in offline stores from April 1st. 
You can be a little confused because there are so many popular solid-foundations these days. 
This is a solid-type BB cream. 

 The product is wrapped up in a wine color case. 
I always thought of something bright when I thought about Mamomde, but it's sort of different this time. 

It has the SPF33 PA++ ultraviolet rays protections and 
it's not that they've simply compressed the BB into a solid form. 
The pink powder and the collagen primer moisturizing factors that play the role of makeup base and balances the skin tone help to make the surface of the skin smooth. 

Even though it's a BB cream, it's actually a primer + makeup base + portable BB that protects UV. 

The case looks quite fancy because it has the color of wine. 

The size of the case is quite similar to the size of a pact. It's sort of thick and
the open button is rectangular. 

There is a sponge puff on top of the plastic lid inside. 
Unlike ordinary plastic lids, it's very hygienic because it protects the content and the air. 

I must say that the sponge was is extremely amazing. 
It's really soft and flexible. 
I think it was one of the best sponge puffs that I've used. 

The strongest color is the BB cream, 
the pink color is the makeup base that corrects the skin tone
and the white color plays the role of a primer + provides moisture. 

Unlike many other BB creams and foundations, it's a very unique product that has various functions. It applies extremely well on the skin and it's good for creating a smooth skin because it's a BB cream that can be used as a makeup base and a primer.
The product also has amazing covering capabilities with all these functions. 

 I applied the three colors on my skin.

Strong beige - For covering blemishes
Bright pink beige - For providing an even skin tone
White - For correcting the skin

Each plays a different role and
what was a little disappointing was that it had too much strong beige in it. 
This may be good for its covering capabilities, but it would have been able to create a prettier skin if it contained more of the other colors. 

I tested the colors on my fingerprint. 
Fortunately, it's not dark as it seems, but it's close to color no.22.
For such reasons, I would like to recommend it for those people who are using color no.23 rather than those who are using color no.21.

I tested the colors of Mamonde Total Solution BB Balm on the sponge puff. 
Doesn't it look pretty dark?
The color is actually stronger than other solid foundations or solid BB creams. 

 I applied it on the right side on my hand. 
It seems darker than it was on my hand. 
Also, there was a bit of glossiness after applying the product. 

I took a closeup. 
The wrinkles on the back of my hand are filled in. 
You can feel the glossiness even when you look at it in close distance. 

I tested the covering capability and it covered pretty well. 
Most balm-type products didn't have great covering capabilities, but this one was different. 

I tested how well it resisted water. 
It was pretty resistant towards water. I was able to see the beads water drops on the back of my hand. 

 I applied the base and finished it with the BB balm. 
It covered very naturally and it also covered the fine wrinkles. 
You can see this on my nose. 
Of course, I'll be able to cover my face more if I apply more amount, but I personally prefer natural makeups. It's very portable because it's a pact type and it doesn't stain your hands because you apply it with  the sponge. I personally think it's a perfect product for those people who do not like applying  many products because this BB balm has the effects of a primer and a makeup base. :)


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