Friday, February 22, 2013



Hello everyone!!
The product that I am going to introduce is IOPE RETINOL TX INTENSIVE!!

IOPE RETINOL is already a very famous product for enhancing the wrinkles!

It's known as a product that enhances the wrinkles near your eyes and your mouth. 

I actually never bought this product with my money. I got this as a free gift when I was buying the skin & lotion last time and I got another one when I was buying the air cushion at the Amore Mall! The volume of the actual product is 40ml whereas the product that I am showing your right now is half the size of that. 


Since Retinol is an effective ingredient for enhancing the wrinkles, it is usually used for eye creams!! As the name of the product goes, it's a cream that uses Retinol TX as its main ingredient. 

It's recommended that you use this product before you go to sleep because retinol is normally
unstable in light and heat. It may cause troubles on the skin in the light or heat!

I would be even better if you use it together with sun block!

You can read the product description and the instructions written on the back if you want!
This is product is currently being sold through home shopping! There is higher version that's called NX. NX is a little more expensive than TX. 


It has a very narrow mouth because it's a product that's design to be used in small amount. 
I think it's really nice because I can use it in a clean way!

I personally like eye creams that are in small tubes like this one
because you normally don't get to use that much. 

 I squeezed a tiny bit on the back of my hand. 
It has small grains in it and you can pop them while you are giving your massage. 
When you are using the eye cream, you also need to apply it on the end of your eyes by following the bone under your eyes rather than only applying it under your eyes. 
You can prevent your wrinkles on your face in this way. 

Oh. You need to keep in mind that retinol product cannot be used with products that take care of dead skin cells that contain AHA or BHA because the dead skin cell will come off like crazy. 
You do not have to use a separate product because this product also has the function for removing the dead skin cells!

Also, your skin will become extremely dry if you use this product together with whitening products that have lots of vitamin C in it. 

Please remember that you can use the retinol product with a sun block and that you cannot you it together with fillers or whitening products. 

I am sure that you can clearly see the area that I've applied the cream. 
LOL I applied it in round shape. 
I was able to feel a great sense of nutrition because the texture was very flexible. 
It didn't have any stickiness!

You normally have to these wrinkle enhancement products for a long time to be able to see the effects. I cannot really say that this product had amazing effects because I haven't used it for very long. But I am sure that it's a qualified product for enhancing the wrinkles because it has been loved people for over ten years. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  2. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your eye appear smoother