Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask


I would like to write a review on Skin Food Black Sugar Mask today!

I bought this black sugar mask, a product that had amazing effects on me,
because the filling gel that I bought last time didn't seem to work on me. LOL

Some people really love this product and some hate it a lot because 
the particles are very thick and hard. I personally recommend this product for those people who have thick skin and also those who can stand the irritation. 

For such reasons, my father and I are the only people who are using this product. LOL


This is the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask. 
The volume 100g. 
You can use it as much as you want. 

It's a mask that provides smoothness and shininess to the skin because it contains plenty of minerals and vitamins. 

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount on to the wet skin and spread it on your the areas near your eyes and mouth as if you are giving a massage. 
It's less irritating to the skin if you mix water while giving the massage~
Wash it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. 


The manufacturing date and the expiration date are written on the side. 
You can use this product for 2 and a half years. 
I should be able to finish it within the expiration date if I use it regularly~

You'll be able to see the cover when you turn and open the lid. 
It think it's very hygienic!

I was a little surprised when I opened the lid. 

It's sort of scary. 

Don't be scared and use it on your skin. 

 I used to use a spoon that I got from Baskin Robbins because I didn't have a spatula. 
But now they have the spatula in the product. 

I took some out! LOL
It's really like a hardened black sugar. It's really crunchy!

It smells very sweet and it makes me want to eat them. 
But you should eat them. 

 I scooped out some on the back of my hand. 
There are lots of crunchy grains. 

I think it would really irritate the skin if you remove the dead skin cells on a dry skin. 
You must use it on a wet skin. Also, you should constantly add water to the content while giving the massage. )



I went to the bathroom right away. 
I can see the grains more clearly.
I'll now gently apply it on the back of my hand. 


Half of the content is black sugar and the other half is the grains.  LOL
I know that it's a little irritating to the skin,
but it surely removes the dead skin cells.  LOL So I have no choice but to do it !! LOL


I gave a massage 
after spreading it on the back of my hand and adding some water. 


I washed it off with warm water after the massage. 
The skin definitely became brighter and smoother. LOL
It's a product that definitely removes the dead skin cells very well. 

Click here to purchase the product.

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