Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-BR611

SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-BR611

SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-BR611 Brownie

It's been quite a while since I used a Skinfood product and they seemed to have changed the bottle's design. I thought they released a new product, but it was that they've only changed the bottle's design. 

The name of the product, bar code and the manufacturing date are written on the back. 

The product is made in Korea as always. 


The photograph is a little out of focus. The product had a logo of an angel. 

 This is how the brush looks like. 
The older products had more wool and was thicker, 
but they've made their brush thinner this time. It still had a lot of wool. LOL

This is color no.1. 
The color comes out very well and it applies very well. LOL
It doesn't leave any brush marks. I hope that you use it carefully and in a pretty way. 


This is color no.2. 
It applies very well and doesn't leave brush marks!

It matches very well on those people who have dark hands because the color is sort of like chocolate. I used to own a chocolate color before, but the quality wasn't very good. 
I finally have one now!
Applying wasn't very hard and it dried very quickly. LOL It wasn't watery and the color that you see in the bottle comes out exactly as it is on your nails. The gloss was also better than ordinary polishes. I think you should apply a top coat if you want it to last long. LOL
It can be a little discomforting or burdensome because it's a full coated product. 
I encourage you to give draw a point or a picture If you are a professional nail artist~

I recommend SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-BR611 because it's a color that would match on almost all sort of nails~

That's the end of my review. 


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