Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence 100ml

SKINFOOD Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence 100ml

Hi everyone. I'm finally back~ LOL
The product that I am going to write my review on is a hair essence by Skinfood!!

Name of the product: SKINFOOD Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence
Volume: 100ml


This hair essence is a product that was ranked on the third place when Get-It-Beauty ran a blind test!  I've been looking for a hair essence that was cheap and good and found this product by a chance. I went to the store right away when I've found this one online! Let's see if it's really that good as Get-It-Beauty claims! 


I place the product next to Missha's Lip & Eye Remover so that you can estimate its size. LOL
Can you tell how big it is?
It's not too big nor too small. 


I wrap it with my one hand like this!
That's how the front and the back look like!
The size is not too big nor too small.
You should be able to carry them around!
I don't usually carry them around because my bag is always heavy. 
Also, I am little worried that the lid might open in my bag. 


This is how the back looks like. 
There are descriptions written on it. 
It says that it doesn't contain the three substances that are not very good for your hair. 
As as I've mentioned before, the volume is 100ml. 
The expiration date was written on the bottom, but I forgot to take a picture. 
There was this 'open here' mark on the bottom and I found English descriptions there. 
I quickly placed it back because I don't understand a thing. LOL


You have to take of the vinyl at first. 
I think it's good that they didn't use a box for this. 
You can simply open it by scratching it with your nail.  LOL


You can see the pumping-type mouth when you open the lid. 
I guess there's nothing special about that. 


This is when I've pumped the essence 3-4 times on my hand. 
The photograph is a little out of focus because I took the photograph with one hand. 
I think the amount that comes out when pumped 3-4 times is the right amount for applying it once. Your entire hand becomes quite oily after using the product because it contains a lot of oil. But they disappear when you apply it on your hair. 


This my hair without anything on. 
It looks quite messy and rough!
Can you see the roughness?
My hair became extremely dry and rough because
I haven't been taking care for quite a while. 

This is after having applied the hair essence~
It rubbed the side of my head with my hands that has essence on it. 
Always apply the essence from the end of your hair!
Doesn't it look much better than before?
My hair became much better after all!


You should be able to see it more clearly in this photograph. 
My hair looks a lot better even though
I've combed my hair with my fingers!


It was pretty good in the overall sense. 
It was not like I've experienced a world of difference, 
but it surely did make my hair a lot more clam!
It had the smell of camellia oil. 
I don't really hate that smell or anything, but I also cannot say that it was a sort of smell that I really like. The smell wasn't disgusting or anything, but it wasn't that pleasant as well. 
The oil seemed to have created a protection layer on my hair. 
Of course, expensive products would definitely be better for the hair,
but a cheap essence like this wasn't bad at all. 
Also, it would have been better it was a bit bigger. I think I am going to finish it very soon because my hair quite long. 


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