Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Rice Concealer Tip 10g

SKINFOOD Rice Concealer Tip 10g


SKINFOOD Rice Concealer Tip
No.21 Skin Beige

Volume: 10g 


It's a brush-type liquid concealer. 

Even though it's a liquid concealer, the texture isn't that watery. 
I guess it's sort of like mud. 


Color comparison. 

I compared it with the natural tears tone & mode concealer. 
The blemishes on your face stands a lot because the color of this concealer is extremely bright. 

I think Skinfood's concealers are slightly darker than no.21. 
They are slightly yellow. 




I drew the black line to test the covering capabilities of dots and
drew the red dot to test the covering capabilities of red blemishes on the face. 

I applied it in a thin layer as if I was applying it on my face. 
It covered the dot slightly and 
the red blemishes were covered quite effectively. 

I am currently using this product for covering my red blemishes on face 
rather than covering the dots. 

I normally apply the content on the back of my hand first 
because I am using it on my pimples and wouldn't be very hygienic 
to apply the brush directly on them. 

It get stuck in the wrinkles when you use it on your dark circles. 

I am pretty much satisfied with this product by considering its price.


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