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Shaving foams are men's lifelong necessity. 
Beard is something that stands out the most for guys when they're going through the secondary sex character. I often see middle school students with the beard. 

Skinfood also has a shaving foam! But they only have one product. 
I think it would be rather convenient for guys because guys don't like comparing things. 

Let me introduce the product. 


This is Skinfood's one and only shaving foam! It's called the BRANDY MILD SHAVING FOAM.

Some of you are probably wondering what brandy is.
I found out by writing this review that brandy is an alcohol that's produced by dilluting 
the fermented fruit juice or wine. 

People have used alcohol for sterilization from the past. 
Since shaving is an act of hurting your skin, you must sterilize the skin. 
That's why most after shave products gives you a sore feeling. 

Brandy is known to help your digestion and reduce the level of cholestrol. 
It is also known to have outstanding effects for calming down the skin when applied to a shaving foam. 


This is how big the product is. It's not too big nor to small. 
The product has an analogue hand painting on it. 

The volume is 150g. 


 I squeezed some out. It comes out like in the photograph. 

You'll probably learn this when you get used to the product, but let tell you beforehand that the amount that came out was more than what I've expected. 
You need to control the amount very carefully. 

 Let me start shaving!
I usually shave once in two days and I shave within a single day when 
I have important appointments or meetings. 

It's not very clear in the photograph, but my beard came out within a single day. 
I am so tired of them. 


 This is how it looks like when it's pumped on my hand. Isn't it clean? LOL
The smell is sort of  manly. 

People tend to think that you need to skip shaving and grow your beard If you want to be macho. In fact, a real macho is very clean and takes care of their beard very well. 

I hope that you become a macho man with this Brandy Mild Shaving Foam~


I took this photograph to show you how well it got cleansed with water. But the foams disappeared when I took the photograph. 

There are some other products that do not get washed very easily. 
There are products that are sticky even after washing it off. But Skinfood Brandy Mild Shaving Foam gets washed off very cleanly. 

A tip for shaving!

You always have to shave from the top to the bottom. 
There are some people who shave from the bottom to the top just because it doesn't get shaved well, but it really damages the skin if you do that!
It is highly recommended that you shave from the top to the bottom even if it doesn't get shaved that well. 

I understand how you are feeling, but I hope that you invest some time on your skin. LOL

I am done shaving. 

Washing the razor is also very important!
The shaving foam often remains on the razor because we don't usually wash it very carefully. 

The shaving foam may remain in between the razor blades. 
I remember myself cleansing the foam in between the razor blades with tissues and toothpicks. 

The foam got cleansed very well when I simply washed it off in running water. 
I was very surprised by this!


My pose is sort of weird.. The photograph came out like this because I took the photograph with one hand. But I guess you can see the skin very clearly. 

You always have to do the after shaving after shaving your beard. 
Even though it sort of hurts, you should finish it with a toner 
or an after shave product. 


Click here to purchase the product.

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