Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake 4g

SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake 4g

This is SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake. 
I've been using a pencil-type product and even though pencil-type products have their own advantages, power-type products also have their own advantages. 
The colors of powder-type products come out better than pencil-type products and they can be used to express more clear colors in the way you want. 
Pencil-types were good for creating a natural feeling. 
I am saying this on the basis that you have cherry eyebrows. LOL
SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake is one of the products that I prefer the most among the power-type eyebrow kits. 
The colors are very natural and it has two different colors in it. 
It's quite useful because it has various colors that can be used for the eye shadow. 
The product has a very slim design and it's convenient to carry around. 

I bought this product again because I gave the one that I'd been using to a friend of mine. LOL I am not going to let this thing go away again. 

There are two different colors for this product, which are no.1 Kaki Gray and No.2 Gray Brown. Gray Brown is known to be more popular because brown is more natural than gray.  Kaki Brown should match well on those people who have light eye brows and have extremely black hair. 

By looking at the product from the side, you'll be able to see how slim it is. 
So it's very good to carry it around in your pouch. 
In fact, most eyebrow power cakes have a slim design like this. LOL

The size is smaller than an ordinary pact. 
The size is similar to a small eye shadow pallet. 

Opening the case wasn't all too easy. 
I think most eyebrow kits are quite hard to open. 
You can open the lid by simply holding each side and pulling it together. 

The case bends in 180 degrees. 

It's very convenient to see yourself through the mirror because the mirror is quite big. 
There are some eyebrow kits that do not have mirrors attached to it. 
I like how they've attached a mirror.

This is no.2 gray brown. 
The colors are very nice. First of all, both of the colors are brown-like colors and they do not have the red color in them. The color on the left can be used for your nose shading and you can also do a smoky makeup by using both them as eye shadows. 
I think the combination of colors is really good in various ways. 

The brush that comes along with the product is very stiff and hard. 
But I think it's very good for drawing your eyebrows. The colors come out better the stiffer it is. There shouldn't be any problem drawing your eyebrows. 

These are the colors that came out on my fingertips. 
The colors are very attractive and I think they can even be used for shadows. 
The brown is a perfect color for shading and the gray brown is good for smoky makeups because it's a neutral brown without red. 

There are many different eyebrow shadows, but I don't think there are many products that have a natural color like this one. 
And that's why I would like to recommend this product among various Skinfood products. 

This is my eyebrow before doing the eyebrow makeup. 
I actually don't have to do much eyebrow makeup because
my eyebrows are quite dark. 

This is after doing the eyebrow makeup. 
I used the light brown on my outer corners of my eyes and used the dark brown on the front of my eyes. I was able to complete a pretty eyebrow by drawing the Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder and reapplying the Eyebrow Mascara Golden Brown on the top. 
This may depend on each person, but the powder remained on my eyebrow for the entire day. :)

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