Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Eggplant Pen Eye Liner

SKINFOOD Eggplant Pen Eye Liner


SKINFOOD Eggplant Pen Eye Liner No.1 Black

This is a product that I've recommended to many of my customers while I was working. 
It draws very strong and it's not very difficult to draw because it's a brush-type product. 

I've used the pencil-type, brush pen-type, gel-type and the liquid-type for eyeliners
and I personally think the brush pen-type is the best. 
Pencil is a bit too strong and it's difficult to draw. 

Gel-liners are pretty good, but they become hard and you have to wash the brush all the time. 
Brush pen-type also has the disadvantage of wearing out quickly, 
but I think they can be used most conveniently. 
The testers version was stronger and mine was a little watery. 
Even though it's not a waterproof product, 
you should wash your face very carefully because it doesn't get erased very easily!


This is after applying the eyeliner. It doesn't spread very easily if you do your basic cosmetics carefully and apply the shadow. I didn't draw the under and I drew the line thickly because I do not have double eyelids. You should only look at the eye line because I didn't even wear a mascara!

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