Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eyeliner 7g

SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eyeliner 7g

I am going to write a review on SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eyeliner today. :)
It was a product that I really wanted to have. I was not able to buy it because it wasn't at the store in front my house. But it came in a few days ago. So I went out and bought it right away. :)



As you can see it in the photograph, there is a logo of an angel. It's the mark of Skin Food!
The product wasn't really fancy or anything. It was quite luxurious because of the golden brown color. I don't think the design is too disturbing. LOL

The name of the product is written in English like this. 
The expiration date is written on the back~
Oh~ You have to use eyeliner mascaras within six months. :)
It is recommended that you loosen up the lid a bit because liquid may harden. 
But you shouldn't loosen it up too much. The liquid will also harden in that way. 
The liquid will become dry and hard if you close it too tightly!


You can open the product by turning the lid. 
Isn't the lid a too long? But it's a quite big for a liquid liner. 
So I really liked it! Oh! Please do not worry because it will it definitely fit in your pouch. LOL

This is how the product looks like when it is open. I bought the black one. The liquid stained the stick a bit because the stick is a bit long. I think you should be careful about that. 

The photograph on the left is a bit out of focus. I am sorry.
As you can see, the brush is very thin, small and sharp because it's liquid!
I think it's thinner and sharper than other liquid-type product. 
You will probably be able to see how sharp it is in the photograph on the right. 

This is when I've applied on my arm. It a true black without any gray or brown.
One of the disadvantages of this product would be that it take quite a bit of time to dry up. 
So I took the photograph right away because I couldn't wait. 
So the photographs may not be that accurate. But please understand.. :)
You can see that it's very moist. Can you see the shininess of it?
It drew quite well and
it sort of cut off when I drew long lines. But don't think that should be a problem unless you draw extremely long lines~

This is when I've soak my arm into the water. The line doesn't change if you soak in the water after drying up, it sort of smeared because I soaked in without dying. I think of the advantages of this product is that the lines disappear. I think it's better that they disappear rather than smearing. You would look like panda if it smears. 
I was very amazed by this. 


But, it smears when you rub it after applying the water. 
But the chances of you being soak in water and rubbing them is very unlikely. 
The lines faded a bit when there was water on it, but it didn't get erased completely. 
I encourage you to always dry it up completely. 

This is the cleansing test. 
The photograph on the left is when I've rubbed the skin with a remover. It smeared and the eyeliner came off at the same time. Can you see them? It's sort of like dirt coming off from your skin. The eyeliner that has been smeared didn't get erased very easily. So I used a cleansing foam and it erased very cleanly. It's a product that erases very easily. It think it's a very good product. 

I would like to recommend SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eyeline for those people 
who are looking a liquid eyeliner that makes clear eyes, 
those who are looking for a liquid eyeliner that erases very well and
also for those who are looking for an eyeliner that has a true black color~

Click here to purchase the product.

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