Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Density Pact SPF18 PA++

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Density Pact SPF18 PA++

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Density Pact SPF18 PA++ No.1 Light Beige
Volume: 10g

It's a high-density cover pact that sticks on to the skin extremely well because the particles of fine powder are compressed in high density and it's also a pact that expresses a smooth and bright skin by filling up the uneven areas on the surface of the skin, 


This is how big the product is. It doesn't fit in one hand. It's sort of big. :)



It's very convenient because it has a puff in it. :)
I liked it very much because the pact was big and it had a big mirror. 


As you can see in the photograph, the powder is extremely fine~


As you can see, it's extremely fine!

The puff in the case is called as a density puff~


The fine particles came off on the density puff with a high level of adhesion. 
I personally think puffs are extremely important factors for a pact. :)


I applied the powder once on my face~
The particles of the powder was extremely fine like a baby powder~


I applied the pact on my entire face. Doesn't it look much brighter?
It sort of came off because the color didn't match very well on me. 
No.2 natural beige would have matched better on me. LOL
I think it should match very well on those people who have dry skin because
the powder is extremely fine and also because it a bit matt~

In general, it applies to the skin with a fairly good level of adhesion. 
I think color no.1 was too bright for me. I recommend no.1 for those who have white skin. 
I recommend it for those who have oily skin rather than those who have dry skin because it's a bit matt. It's my personal opinion that those people who like pacts that gets applied to the skin with a good covering capability will also like this product~


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