Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion


SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion
I brought a review on SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion! LOL
This is the Royal Honey Emulsion that you've all been waiting for! LOL
I bought this product after trying out this product with the sample that I've received when was buying the Black Raspberry! LOL

Here it is! LOL 
Skinfood is running an event on March and if you buy a product in the Royal Honey series, they'll give two small creams! LOL
The cream that they gave me was the Black Raspberry Eye Cream and the moisturizing cream that were both extremely popular! LOL
I bought it right away after hearing that they are giving away the free gifts! LOL 

There is a small label that is attached to SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion! LOL
The story of the Royal Honey: The royal black honey that's collected from the wild flowers at northern Asia, which are designated as UNESCO World Heritage, are known to contain as much nutrition as its strong color and fragrance! LOL


There is a logo of a honeybee on the top of the lid. 
I can see that they've carefully designed their product even in little things!
I really like how they've paid attention to small things! LOL



The honeybee is also placed on the front! LOL
The bees are scary little things if you actually see them.. LOL
But the yellow bottle and label were really pretty! LOL



This is the back of SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion! LOL
The royal black honey extracts and royal jelly extracts in this glow treatment emulsion are known to create a perfect environment for moisture and makes your skin bright and smooth!!  LOL

I took off the seal on 
SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion that said 'open here'. 
The ingredients were hidden underneath it. 
Some of the main ingredients of the product are royal jelly extracts (1,500mg) and honey extracts (4,500mg). LOL 
I didn't know that it actually had these ingredients in it. I found out this by reading them. LOL



You'll be able to find a white cork 
when you open the cute honeybee lid, :)
Most other products normally use a foil for this, but this product used a 
white cork. It made me feel really good because it seemed to seal the content very well. :)

 I opened the white cork of SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion. 
I was able to smell the aromatic honey smell right after opening the cork. 
This is the reason why I bought this product. LOL
I really wanted to buy this product after trying out the sample because the smell was so nice! I actually had another emulsion at home, but bought this anyway because the smell was so good. LOL


I put some on the back of my hand because I wanted to test watery it was. LOL
It was sort of sticky. Perhaps it was because it contained royal jelly and honey. 
It didn't run down and it was little chewy. LOL


I tested the viscosity by applying the product on my fingertips. LOL
Just like the viscosity that I've felt on the back of my hand, the texture was a bit sticky. LOL


I think I've tapped the back of my hand too hard. LOL
The back of my hand became so red. LOL
I am sure that many of you know about this pain. LOL
It would have been so much better if they made the mouth bigger so that the content can come out better. LOL
My hand was very dry. but it became extremely smooth after using this product. :)
My skin became extremely smooth and started to glow up right after applying the product. LOL I think it's a very refreshing product for spring and summer. :)
The product makes me to start my day with a great spirit because of its refreshing honey smell. :)

So that is the end of my review on SKINFOOD Royal Honey Emulsion! :)


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  1. Why do you say LOL after everything. It made this a pain to read