Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Toner

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Toner

 There are three golden lids 
when you open the gift package. 

The bottle is quite luxurious~

The ingredients are written on the back. 
It says that it contains royal jelly and honey~

It reminds me of the famous catch phrase. 
"Please do not eat them. 
Give away to your skin!"

The smell of the toner is a bit strong,
but it was okay because it was mixed with 
the natural fragrance. 

The toner applied 
to the back of my hand quite moistly.  
A moist layer was created on the surface of the skin 
after tapping it for 5 minutes. 
It was like a liquid-type serum. 



The back of my hand became very moist 
when I applied the product and let the skin absorb. :)

Was it last year? It is a product that was released with the concept of 'glowing skin'. 
Even though it's a little sticky when you are applying it on the skin because it's a moisturizing product, it gets absorbed quite refreshingly and it's not sticky after it gets absorbed. It's like the classic essential toner. 
Water - honey extracts - moisturizing ingredients - ethanol for reducing the stickiness and blah blah so on...
The instruction says that I can use my hand or a cosmetics cotton bud to apply the product. But I think cosmetics cotton bud is a bit too much because it doesn't catch the residues very well and the cotton takes too much toner away.. 
I usually apply it with my hand. The moisturizing effects are good, it's not sticky and the sweet smell of the honey is very enjoyable.  
I think it's more refreshing than INNISFREE's Canola Honey series. I think it's a great product for autumn and winter. 


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