Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

All of the road-shops are gathered in once place in my neighborhood . 
I think it's such a good place to spend money with your friends. 

I visited the Skinfood store on this day 
and bought the SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream. 
It's a product that I was really curious about. :)

Official name of the product: SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream
Volume: 10g
Color: No. 1 Salmon Blooming

I didn't know what to buy and I asked the clerk at the store to recommend a product for me. 
And she told me to buy a product that matched with the base color that I use. 
I already know about that! What I wanted to know was the difference of the the two colors.
I just bought the no.1 because it was sort of annoying how she stood next to me all the time. 

I found out later that they gave me this much sample~
I guess the clerk's personality is always like that. 

This is the Royal Honey series that I was always curious about. The package is really cute!!
She gave me all these samples from eye cream to lotion and cream. 
I am gonna these samples to my boyfriend who made the payment and I am gonna keep this concealer. LOL


This is the Salmon Concealer. 
You probably don't know how big it is in this way. 

It's so small that it fits in one hand. It's so adorable. 

The salmon logo is marked on the lid because it's a salmon concealer. 
Salmons are known to be very good for dark circles. 
They say that your dark circles improve a lot if you eat salmons for two days. 
Even though this concealer doesn't have much salmon oil in it, let us hope for the best. 


This is the back. You can see the name of the color no.1 and the volume. 
The manufacturing date is November, 2011. I guess that's pretty good. 

This is the inside. It's so nice!!
It's sort of red, but I it was lighter than I've expected. 
I was worried that it would make the bottom of my eyes stand out if it was too pink. 


The texture is quite moist. 
It's sort of sticky and it melts when you rub it with your finger. 

This much comes out on your finger. Doesn't it look a bit dry?
But it's more moist than ordinary concealers. I like it this way. 
I was very difficult to choose a dark circle concealer because a lot of them were only moist and didn't have great covering capabilities or it often smeared on the skin if it was too most. 
But products of SKINFOOD was more moist than ordinary concealers and the texture was just right for the skin. 


I applied it on the back of my hand. Oh gosh~ My hand is so fat. LOL
Isn't the color quite nice? The color is no.1. Despite my worries, I think it's fairly bright and 
it  should cover the dark circles pretty well. 


I gently tapped the cream and its covering capability was pretty good!!

In fact, I had a lot of worries these days because the dark circles on my face 
were getting big and they became so apparent. 
I used the stick concealer by Missha before and I didn't even think about buying a concealer because Missha's concealer got stuck in my wrinkles. But this Skinfood concealer really solved my problems. It covers very naturally and it's the kind of brightness that I was looking for. 
More than anything else, it doesn't get stuck in your wrinkles because it's not dry. 

The case is really cute and the cucumber smell is quite nice as well. 
The only thing that I am worried about is that it might not be moist until I am done using because there is so much in it. But I guess this is a happy worry because this sort of problem is a problem that comes along with most of the products that are in big volume. 

I encourage you to try out this Salmon Concealer 
if you'd been worrying about your dark circles recently. :)


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