Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Powder

SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Powder


You have to manage your dark circles all the time because your face looks dark and sick in general if you have dark circles on your face. It's recommended that you cover up your dark circles with make-ups if you already have them. The product that I am going to introduce today is the SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Powder. I bought it because I wanted to cover up the dark circles and also because I wanted to prevent the eye make-ups that smeared because of the oil after some time from your make-up. 

The color of the power is yellow. The powder became white when I rubbed it on the back of my hand. So it covers your dark circles to a certain extent. But it doesn't make your skin bright through the reflection of the light as what Skinfood claims. It actually covers the dark circles because it simply provides the white color near your eyes. 

The make-up doesn't smear very easily if you remove the oil on your face with the powder. 
SKINFOOD Salmon Dark Circle Powder works in the same way. I applied the powder on my eyes because the eye makeup always smeared and the makeup remained perfectly. 
But as you can see it in the photograph, my eyes became extremely dry!
It was my conclusion that it wouldn't be very good for your skin because it became so dry. 
But still, it can be used by those people who want their makeups to last for a long time without smearing. 

1. It covers the dark circles. 
2. It prevents your makeups from smearing. 

1. It's extremely dry
2. The skin becomes bright simply because the powder is dry, not because 
it reflects the light. 

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