Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder

SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder


SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder - Cubism


The three-dimensional effect is expressed on your face when the fine yellow powder touches the skin because those fine particles express a smooth and silky satin color. 
It's a partial base powder that creates a smooth and shiny skin. 

That's the description that I've found at Skinfood's website. 


The description says that I can simply apply the powder on areas that you want to create the volume, such as  your nose, forehead and areas near your eyes. 
But most of the people who bought this product are using it as a simple blusher or 
as a blusher after using a blusher that they have at home. 

The size of the case is very cute and you can open it by turning the lid. 

You can find a plastic lid on the top and a hole in the middle 
when you turn and open the case. 
I can probably put an eye shadow top or a cotton bud in that hole!


You'll be able to see T and I Zone Powder when you open the plastic lid. 
The color was quite light. 



This is the color that came out on the back of my hand. (I took the photograph with my mobile phone and the photograph has not been edited)

I've been thinking "I am completely satisfied with this product and it's better to have a photograph taken even though the photograph didn't come out that well with my poor camera" 
While I was thinking such a thought, my friend came up and took this photograph for me. 

(I am kind of sorry for my friend who took this photograph.. but I am not totally satisfied with the photograph because my hand looks very ugly)

Click here to purchase the product.

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