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SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream 50g

SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream 50g


SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream

Voulme: 50g

It's a wrinkle enhancement neck cream that contains adenosine and grape seed oil, which are known to be ingredients that have high moisturizing effects. This cream not only manages the wrinkles on your neck effectively, but will make your neck smooth and flexible. 

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount from the bottom to the top of your neck
as if you are giving a gentle massage. 


This is a neck wrinkle enhancement cream that I bought at Skinfood this time. 
You need to take care of your hands, feet and neck more intensively
as you grow older. 

My mom always used to tell me that I have to apply the cream on neck from when I was very young and that's why I've been taking a good care of my neck since I started doing makeups. 
I always apply the moisturizing cream or nutritional cream on my neck with the leftovers on my hand when I am doing makeups. 

I visited the Skinfood store one day and bought this cream 
to take a good care of neck. LOL

I have no choice but to take care of them. I always apply the hand cream on my hands, 
but there are areas of the body that you don't really care about. 
Your neck and the area behind your ears are areas that you need to take care before it gets messed up. LOL



The case is made of ordinary plastic and they've used light purple for the design. 
The picture of grapes is on the lid. 

I think I've seen this product at the store a few years ago. I think this is one of their long-lasting products because they're still being sold right now. LOL

Why did they use the grape seeds?
Grapes seeds are known to contain tocopherol and this material is extremely good for the dry skin because it makes the skin moist and adenosine is known to be very effective in enhancing the wrinkles. That's why they've used all these materials in this product. LOL
You can see the product description in the photograph above. LOL

To be frank, the case isn't really luxurious or anything. 
It's just plastic. 

I opened the lid inside and the protection lid was protecting the content from coming out. 
The protection lid was sort of like the disposable take-out plastic cup. 


 The texture of the cream was quite oily at a glance. 
The cream smelled like grapes and the smell wasn't that strong. 

The color of the cream is light purple. The color was very light. 

As you can see in the photograph, the lid doesn't close that well. It's sort of sloppy. 
It's sort of disappointing. Why did they make it like this even when cheap products worth 3,300 KRW have strong lids. 

Am I the only one who is experiencing this?
I place the lid on the top just in case it runs down. 


This is the texture of cream. The texture is oily and it's quite dense. 

But it's not that hard. You can feel the smoothness and it's sort of like a pudding. 
The texture is sort of in between the moisturizing cream and nutritional cream. 

The texture is rather moist and glossy because it made of grape seed oil. 


I saw the light purple color when I looked at it from far way, 
but it looks like a white moisturizing cream on the back of my hand. 

I really liked it because I was able to smell the refreshing smell. 
But the smell didn't smell like a natural smell. LOL It simply makes you feel good and that's probably it. 


 As you can see in the photograph, I applied quite a lot to show you the texture on the skin. 
It applies to the skin very smoothly. It spreads very well on the skin because the texture isn't too thick. 

The oil sort of remained on the skin after applying the product. 
It's kind of glossy. LOL It's not that uncomfortable like oil. 

It makes the skin very smooth because the oil goes deeply into the skin after a certain amount of time. It's very moist and makes the skin smooth. I cannot say that it's slippery. 



We normally apply the same amount of the moisturizing cream and give a gentle massage when applying the basic cosmetics. 

My beck became quite smooth after applying it on my neck. 
It wasn't like my hair got stuck on it or anything.  It was moist. 

You need to apply the product regularly with the mind of preventing wrinkles on your neck 
because you are using them to prevent them, not to see dramatic effects. 

No matter what sort of cream that you're using, it's always a good idea 
to apply creams from the bottom to the top of your neck. 



1. It's good for massaging because it applies to the skin very smoothly. 
We usually do a lot of massage with oil. You can massage this product until it gets completely absorbed into the skin because this is a product that's solely for your neck and also because it contains grape see oil. 

2. The refreshing smell. 
The refreshing grape smell that isn't too strong makes you feel good. The smell is sweet and refreshing. 

3. Cheap price
You can take care of your neck with an affordable price. 


1. The texture was sloppier than what I've expected
It's thick, but it's also like a pudding. 
I tend to use a lot because the texture isn't too hard nor too watery. 
I think I am going to finish it very soon because it's so smooth. 
I think I am going to finish using it very quickly because it's also very cheap. 

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