Monday, February 4, 2013

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream 35ml

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream 35ml

Today, I am going to introduce the BB cream that I've purchased when The Face Shop was having a sale last time. LOL

Volume: 35ml


THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream looks quite simple. 
So it's sort of pleasantly simple.
Anyway, it's really smooth on the skin when you apply it!!

The ingredients are written on the back. 
It's a bit disappointing that it contains methylparaben and propylparaben. :(
It also contains hydrated ferric oxide, ferrus-ferric oxide and CI 77491. 
It's kind of annoying how it contains paraben because they are known as harmful substances.
Tonymoly's BB cream is better in this sense because it does not contain the six harmful ingredients. 

The lid can simply be opened and closed by turning~
The mouth can get a little dirty if you don't watch out..

But it's not something to worry about that much. But you have to wipe off the mouth all the time!!

You'll be able to know at a glance that

1. It's gray. 
- I think it's a lot more gray than ordinary BB creams. It doesn't really match with my skin tone. 
It would have been better if it had more colors because I would be able to choose the color. 
It gives you a feeling that your face will float when you apply this. 
But the texture is very creamy and fatty. 
Also, it seems to stick on to the skin very well because it's sticky. :)

2. It's very easy to control the amount
- As you cans see, it is very easy to control the amount~
and it's not hard to squeeze. 
It comes out when you press it with a bit of power!

I guess the photograph describes the stickiness very well. LOL
It feels a little strange because it's very sticky. 


The level of adhesion also seems to be very outstanding. The gaps in between the fingerprint have been filled~


Let us compare it with other BB creams~

The left is the Oil Free BB and the right is the Etude Pearls BB. 
Pearls BB is definitely the one that's close to the skin tone!
That BB cream was a bit more watery~
It ran down from hand quite slowly~
But it had much more oil than Oil Free BB.

I applied it on my skin. I was quite satisfied with the BB. 
The mattness and the smoothness that I felt right after applying was perfect!
I don't usually use a pact and I guess it's a BB cream for those people who do not use a pact!
I think it's pretty good because it's matt, smooth and moisture at the same time. 
But the covering capabilities weren't as good as I've expected. 

I uploaded this picture so that you can check the stickiness of this BB cream once again. :0

There is a lot of oil in this product. 
I would like to recommend THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream!
If you are looking for a product that is more matt, then you may want to use Holika and
if you are looking for product that is both moist and smooth at the same time, then you shouuld use The Face Shop.


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