Monday, February 4, 2013

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Blusher

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Blusher


[The Face Shop] The Face Shop Lovely Meex Blusher - PK103, PK102, BR803, PK104

This is the Lovely Meex Blusher that I've purchased among the products that were on 50% sale at The Face Shop. I didn't know why they were having a sale for the sunset color. I found out later that they were not released anymore. It was a great idea to keep them. 

By the way, I shoved out the orange area of the love color and 
color changed so much. It's really pretty.
I should have done this long ago. 

The Face Shop Lovely Meex Blusher is like a steady seller of The Face Shop
after their renewal. They've recently changed their design and their design was quite similar with a Japanese brand. But think it's all the same anyways. 


Product Description

- A blusher that finishes the dynamic outline make-up with its beautiful an lovely vitality
- It expresses a vital skin even in sweat and sebum with its smooth level of adhesion and long durability.
- It can be used by beginners because the expressions of the colors are very natural. 

The photograph may look brighter than the actual one 
Because of the lighting. 
Maybe it's the same. 


This is closer to the original color


and this one looks more white.

I uploaded everything 
because each photograph show big differences. LOL
The powder seems to fly around and it lumps up  a bit.. but it's not bad. 
BR 803 is very pretty as a highlighter
and the other colors are quite nice as well.


The powders fly around a bit because it's a powder-type product. 
You'll be able to get the color that you want by reapplying the product several times because it's very light. This can be a advantage and also a disadvantage. 
The colors are really pretty and it's very satisfactory because there are so many colors. 
BR803 is suitable for a natural shading1

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