Monday, February 4, 2013

The face shop Power Perfection BB Cream

The face shop Power Perfection BB Cream 

I've tested the The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream. 
I was very curious about this product because it was a product that was quite famous among people!! I tested the product with great expectations because it is known to have amazing covering capabilities and durability. 


It's a pretty case with a purple background~!!

The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream has two colors, which are no.1 light beige and no.2 bright beige. The one that I got was no.1 light beige~!!


This is the front and the back of the product~!!
The white letters on the back are not very clear in the photograph~!


I took a picture of the instructions that were written on the back~!!
I think it's definitely a product that protects the ultraviolet because it says
that it contains titanium oxide and zine oxide~!!
I was more than just curious about this product because it said that it adhered to the skin very in thin layers like air. 

The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37, PA+++
No. Bright Beige

A total skin treatment BB cream that adds the strengths to the skin with its power flexibility effects, power supplementary effects and power correction effects. 

A triple functionality cosmetics with effects on wrinkle enhancement  + whitening + ultraviolet rays protection

It turns your skin into a bright and smooth skin, for it contains Omega-3 and vita skin complex. It covers the blemishes of the skin and expresses a bright and healthy skin because it adheres to the skin very lightly with its air retouch mechanism. 

How to use: Apply the appropriate amount after the basic cosmetics and tap the cream into your skin until it is absorbed. 

Effective ingredients: Titanium oxide, zinc oxide, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, Niacinamide, adenosine, etc. 



The expiration date is written on the bottom of the product and you can use it for 12 months after unsealing!


I took out the BB cream from the Box~!
It's a shiny purple BB cream. 
It's really luxurious and pretty!!

 It is written on the back that you can use the product until April, 16th, 2015~!!
This is the expiration date before unsealing. 

I took a photograph by holding the product so that you may be able to see how big it is. 
It's an oval-shaped product that is quite long!
It's good because it doesn't move around because it's round and flat. 
It's 4.5cm in width and 16cm in height. 
You don't have to squeeze it out because the pumping area is facing down. 

 When you open it, you can find out that it's a pumping-type product. 
I was able to use it in a clean way because it was a pumping-type and
you can use it very conveniently because it's a one-touch pumping-type!!
You would have to pump it several times at first. 
You can see how they've considered the users for the pumping because the pump is bent a little. 

I ran the oil paper test!
The photograph on the right is a photograph that I took after about an hour. 
There's quite a bit of oil because it's a product that has included the supplementary function!

 I began testing it on the back of my hand!
I squeezed the cream out on the back of my hand. 
When you pump it once, the cream come out in the size of a small coin. 
I think it's a bit too much for the entire face. 
I liked this product because the color of the cream was closer to beige while 
ordinary BB creams have this gray color in them. 

I spread the cream~!
Can you see the moisture?
The applied to the skin quite well~!!

 You won't be able to see the cream that's stuck in between wrinkles or the cream that is lumping up. It applied to the skin very naturally while most other BB creams normally get stuck in between wrinkles. The areas with the cream on are much brighter and 
its covering capabilities were also very outstanding as it even covered the veins on the back of my hand~!!

The texture was sort of glossy because it applied to the skin very moistly. 
I liked it because it wasn't dry or rough!

I tested the covering capabilities~!
The greatest advantage of The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream would be the covering capability. I think its covering capabilities are so much better than other BB creams. 
The covering capabilities were really good as people said~!! 

 I tested the durability to see how long it may endure when you are going on a vacation to the sea. The cream was highly resistant towards water!
It really remained as it is!


The products with great covering capabilities were really difficult to erase. 
So I wiped the cream off with a cleansing tissue!
Can you see how well it gets erased?
You do not have to worry about this because it gets erased very cleanly and easily!


This is when I've applied it on my face. 
My face is usually red and has big pores before applying the BB cream. 
As you can see it from the photograph, the red color became a lot better!
I think it also covers the pores to a certain extent as well. 
My nose is sort of red and can you see how it has covered that red color?
It can be applied on the face with a small amount because it has great covering capabilities and also because it applies to the skin very well. 


Evaluation:  ★★★★★


It's not cheap as a road-shop product, but you can buy it in a cheap price during a sale. 


The case seemed a bit too big for 40g.  Unlike other product that write their volumes in ml, this product wrote their volume in grams. So it's difficult to make a comparison. 

It has a luxurious design. 
I like the fact that it's a pumping-type product that can be used in a clean way the most. 

How to use

It's not very difficult to use. 

Satisfaction of the color

I liked it because it wasn't gray and was rather closer to beige. i am satisfied with the color because it matched very well with my skin tone. There are two types (no.1 and no.2) and you can choose the color that matches the best with you. My skin color is no.21 and I think it would be a bit too dark if a person with a brighter skin tone used it. I would be better if they had more colors. 

How well it applies to the skin
It applies to the skin very well because the texture is very moist. 


There is a bit of darkening effects after some time. It's highly resistant towards water. The durability is quite good!

Covering capabilities

I can say the greatest advantage of this product is its covering capabilities. It covers most of the blemishes.

Moisturizing ability
The moisture remained for a long period of time! It was more moist than most other product because it was a product that has added the moisturizing function!


It erases very cleanly when you use cleasning products! You would have to clean the areas with the cream on very carefullly because it is highly resistant towards water. 

Overall evaluation
Advantages: Despite the fact that it's a BB cream, it has amazing covering capabilities. You can use the product in a very clean way because it's a pumping-type product.

Disadvantages: It's quite inconvenient to carry it around because the case/bottle is too big. 

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  1. It sounds like a nice product! It does look a bit bulky though but I heard they came up with a smaller version of this. Its much more affordable too. I'm definitely checking it out on my next visit to a Face Shop store. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xx