Monday, February 4, 2013

The face shop Rice&Ceramide Moisture Toner

The face shop Rice&Ceramide Moisture Toner


This is The Face Shop's skin toner. 

The Face Shop Rice&Ceramide Moisture Toner
Volume: 150


 It's a moisturizing toner that maintains the moisture for a very long time as if you have applied the essence, for it contains highly moisturizing ingredients, such as rice power extracts(Rice extracts, rice bran oil). 


When you open the lid, there is cover that's blocking the way. You can simply use it by taking it off~


Even though it's toner, it's sort of sticky like an essence. 


It's not really like water, but it's not that sticky either. 

 It kind of smells like the skin that's in a public bathhouse because the smell is quite strong. LOL

 Smoothly apply the product from the inside to the outside after washing your face. 
it applies to the skin very smoothly. It feels like applying a product rather than wiping it off. 


This is after applying the product. It gets absorbed very quickly and I was able to feel a lot of moisture. 

This toner provides a greats sense of moisture for a long time as if you've applied an essence. The price is also very cheap. LOL I actually bought this product while I was buying the Arsainte Eco-Therapy Super Gel because it was so cheap. This product is very difficult to buy at an offline store. You should be able to buy it online. 
Even though the product looks quite cheap, it's actually very god by considering its price. 
Even though it's very moist after applying the product, there is a bit of stickiness. 
And as I've mentioned earlier, it can be a little annoying because it sort of smells like the skin at a public bathhouse. But I am sure that you'll be satisfied with this product because it gets absorbed very quickly and also because it doesn't have much oil in it. I think it should be good for those people who have dry skin. A big-sized product with a cheap price! I encourage you to think over before buying this if you are sensitive to smell~

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