Monday, February 4, 2013

The Face Shop Rice&Ceramide Moisture Cream

The Face Shop Rice&Ceramide Moisture Cream


I was looking for a cream in order to resolve the skin problems that I had been having in this cold weather and bought this product because it was very cheap. I bought this with the mind that I should use it on my body if it creates problems on my face.
But after all, I've found out that it was quite good. :)

The word 'rice' is written in Chinese characters in order to show people 
that it contains rice.  LOL

As a highly-moisturizing product, it has quite a bit of oil.
It wouldn't be much of a problem if you have a dry skin, but
it would devastate your skin if you have an oily skin and applied it every day and night.

The texture is similar to fresh cream.
The smell is quite strong. 
I wanted to write 'you must test it before buying them!',
but it looks like you can buy this only online. 

Click here to purchase the product.


  1. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your eye appear smoother

  2. Today I ordered are great expectations.

  3. I bought a long time is the pentagram is satisfied.

  4. I bought it today directly from the Face Shop in a mall nearby!!! So excited to use it!