Monday, February 4, 2013

Tonymoly 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss

Tonymoly 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss


Tonymoly 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss / 7g

 It has seven colors in total and
each one is a different fruit and has a different look on the face. 
From the left, no.1 is the strawberry princess, no. 2 is the plum princess(pearl), no.3 is the mangosteen princess, no.4 is the peach princess, no.5 is the pomegranate princess, no.6 is the cherry princess and no.7 is the apple princess (pearl).
It looks cute, but the looks on their face are a bit corny! I think their eyes are a little corny. LOL


I've tried using the no.3 mangosteen princess and no.5 pomegranate princess. 
The left is the pomegranate princess and the right is the mangosteen princess.
The head has been designed in the concept of fruits. 


The tip is on the lid like this. It looks like the head has come off! LOL
(It's a horror lip-gloss~~LOL Because it's summer)
Anyways, it's very funny and cute!!


You may not be able to know how big it is by looking at the photograh~
It's very small and it fits right in your hand.
 It's portable in your bag or pouch because it's very small. 

What's sort of disappointing is that the lid gets dirty.
The lid easily became dirty
because it was harder to control the amount that comes out. 


The applicator that's attached to the lid is a diagonal sponge tip with a short brush~
I had to dip in the applicator several times
because it didn't absorb the sufficient amount. 
Maybe it's because the quality of the tip's material is not good or maybe it's because it's too short that it hurt my lips when I was applying it on my lips. 


Each lip-gloss smells like a fruit~
The smell was a basic smell of fruits, but it wasn't too bad.
The sweet and sour smell matches very well with the package. 
No. 3 is light pink. You'll be able to express the pink color quite well.
I thought no.5 would be the cherry-color because it was pomegranate, but it was a peach-color. Both of the colors are fine, but they weren't new to me because these colors were used in their earlier products! 
Both of them do have pearls and the texture is a little sticky. 
I liked its texture because it wasn't too sticky and also because it applied to the lips very well. 

I tried the no.5 pomegranate. 
You can create a very natural and light lips by using this. 
I think it's a color that matches very well with South Korean women. 
The smoothness stands out a lot and it's also very comfortable on the lips. 
The sense of moisture lasts for a long time, but the color doesn't last very long. 


I tried no.3 mangosteen princess on my lips. 
The gloss sort of stuck in between the wrinkles of my lips, but it spreads very naturally after some time. The gloss is also very good. The color is a bright and pretty pink that anyone would like~~

The advantages of this product would be the cute package, portability, sufficient volume. cheap price and the color that would match on almost everyone and the disadvantages would be poor quality of the applicator and the old colors. 
I wouldn't be a bad choice at all if you are a person who likes normal colors and glossiness~

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