Monday, February 4, 2013

The Face Shop Oil Free Sun Cream SPF35 PA++

The Face Shop Oil Free Sun Cream SPF35 PA++


The Face Shop Oli Free Sun Cream 

SPF 35++

It is wrapped in a vinyl warp in the first place!
I think the cover looks clean and good!

My camera is out of focus..
Unlike many other road-shop products that do not show their ingredients, 
I liked how they publicly displayed the ingredients of their product!
You have to use it within 12 months.

I thought the product would only have good ingredients in it because it was an oil-free product. But three different parabens were in it.. 
I think those people who have a troubled skin can use it 
because it says on the top that it contains tea tree substances, which are known to be 
good for skin troubles!


The mouth is covered with a foil. 

The mouth isn't too small nor too big. I can say that it's a normal size. 
A lot came out when I squeezed out the cream after shaking it 
because this product isn't very matt in the first place. 

The cream was white and it looked very pure!


I squeezed some on the back of my hand!


It has a bit of moisture and
it applies very well on the skin. But I had to spread the cream very carefully, 
or else it didn't get absorbed!

          before                                                            after (반쪽만 바른상태) 

 I intentionally took a photograph before the cream got absorbed into the skin and
many other reviews on this product said that this product made the skin very white. 
I actually tried it on my face and my face didn't become that white. 
It would be an exaggeration to say that this product can be a substitute for BB creams.
I think it can be used for enhancing the skin tone before applying the BB cream!