Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Crystal Stick Eye Shadow

Tonymoly Crystal Stick Eye Shadow

Tonymoly Crystal Stick Eye Shadow

It's a stick eye shadow that can be used when you want to create the tears effect or when you want to create a charming point. It's a product that's been produced in various forms at road-shops! I didn't buy this product just because people had been saying that it's good. LOL I actually bought this because I was looking for a stick eye shadow and I passed by a Tonymoly store by a chance. 

I am writing this review because
it was so much better than what I have expected.


They have released 9 colors in total 
and the one that I chose was no.8 pink beige and no.1 snow-white.

 This is the no.8 pink beige. 
The wick is about 3cm long. 
There are many people who use eye shadows on top of their eyes,
but I am only going to use it on the bottom of my eyes. So I guess it's enough.

I only wanted to buy the shiny silver because I sort of fell in love with the TaetiSeo's make-ups, but I also got this one as well because it matched very well on me!

You can give a effect on your charming point very naturally. 
It's a kind of color that would match on almost everyone. 
I am really satisfied with it because it doesn't look artificial. 
I wanna give five stars for this! :)
It doesn't make your wrinkles stand out because it applies so smoothly and moistly. 

This is no.1 snow-white. 
You would look like an alien if you apply too much, but 
it lasts very long and you can also make your eyes look moist if you apply it lightly. 

It can make your eyes look a lot more refreshing if you apply it during summer.  LOL
I liked it because it didn't have much pearls in it and
it can be easily used as a highlighter because it's very smooth. 

This is the color on the back of my hand!
The pink beige has a very natural feeling of pearls
and the snow-white has a denser feeling of pearls. 

The photograph with a heavier feeling of pearls! 

I didn't know what to buy because many other brands like Etude House, Missha
had released similar products. I think it was a great chose after all. LOL

You'll be able to use it in various feelings 
because it has many different colors. 
I strongly recommend it! :)

Click here to purchase the product.

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