Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set

Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set


The review on 'Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set'

Hi everyone. The product that we are going to look at is the Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set. :) 
I used the Tonymoly snail basic series until recently and
it was all very nice without any problems on the skin. I bought a different skin because I finished using it and my skin began to have problems right away.  :(
I think Tonymoly's products match very well on me and the Tonymoly snail series are produced in such a nice way. Anyway, the one that I am going to introduce is the Tonymoly Intense Repair snail Ampoule Set, which is known to be the most effective product among the snail series. :)

As you can see in the photograph, 
Tonymoly Intense Repair snail Ampoule Set consists of
a Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Pack and eight 4ml amples. 
I personally think it can be a great gift for the year's end and the new year. 
Anyway, the product itself is such a great product. LOL


First of all, It looks like this when you the package. 
This is the charisma of Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set..
 It's really amazing how the product is wrapped up in a separate box and 
the amples that are in separate cases looks really fantastic.
LOL In fact, it can be more effective for a product like this to have the product in a single container, but you are able to check the amount that you've used in this way and it's also more fancy in this way as gift. 

But isn't it correct that content is always more important?
I lost the photograph of Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set's texture..
So I wanted to take the photograph later, but I was not able to. 
I wanted to add the photograph with the photograph of my face with the pack on, but
I don't know when that's going to be. LOL
Anyways, the reason why Tonymoly was able to become so popular in the first place was because their sleeping packs were extremely good. So I can always rely on their packs. 

And there is this gold border on the lid 
of all the cases of Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set and it looks really amazing. 
I think they produced this special set for a gift. 

The pack of Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set looks like this.
It's a '6 Free' product that contains snail filtrates. It's definitely good!

Let's move on to the Tonymoly ample!

 I gently opened the ample.
Why does a brown bottle like this and a dropper-type product
remind me of that brown bottle?

This is when I gently dropped the ample on the back of my hand. :)
It's a non-sticky ample with much sense of moisture and
the texture enabled me to feel the nutrition quite sufficiently. 

The photograph is a little out of focus. Anyway, this is when I was applying the ample.
I applied to the skin quite smoothly. LOL It gave me a feeling that it would make my skin a lot smoother if I used it for 4 weeks. The reason why my skin isn't really good is because I was not able to get enough sleep because my rhinitis got worse recently. :(

I should really get healthy, get more sleep and restore my skin with the
Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set. :)

That was my brief review on the Tonymoly Intense Repair Snail Ampoule Set. :)

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  2. Hi there, How was the effect of this ampoule? Im planning to get this one. Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Essence worked really well on my skin but I had massive breakouts when I didnt buy another bottle. I guess it should be maintained.