Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

Tonymoly Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

 Let me introduce the sleeping pack that I am really into these days!

It's the Tonymoly Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack. 
(Gosh.. why is the name so long?)

Just like the name of the product, the Dual Effect Sleeping Pack is a wash-off pack that enhances both wrinkles and whitening effects!

I tried it out with a sample and my face become extremely moist and bright. 
So I've decided to buy it right away. :)

The container looks like this. 

Most of Tonymoly's pack series have very charming designs,
but this looks quite futuristic!  The container is rather light. :)

Tonymoly's logo is marked on the lid!

  You'll be able to find the mouth with a cork when you open the lid. 

The container won't get polluted if you close it after using it. :)

You can simply use the product by pressing the pump. 

A right amount for your face comes out if you pump it for about three times. 

(That is.. for me)


This much comes out when you pump it once.

It doesn't run down even through you move your hands around because the texture is quite hard. I don't usually like sticky products and I really liked this one because the texture was very light. LOL

I crushed the lumpy content once.

It applies very refreshingly like the feeling that I got in the first place. 

I often worried that the dust on my pillow would stick on to my face for wash-off packs, 
but I didn't have to worry about such things because this dual effect pack got absorbed into the skin very moistly. 

This is when I've spread it pack completely. 

Can you see how it got absorbed very moistly?
The delicate smell was also very nice!

 This is after when it got absorbed into the skin. :)

I won't have to worry about staining my bed sheet because it gets absorbed very well. 
It's very good!

After three weeks, the trouble marks on my face became a lot lighter and my skin tone also become much brighter. A lot of people that I know are telling me that their skin got much better. It's very good. I recommend this product for those people who are annoyed by packs and those who do not have much time but still have to take care of their skin!


Click here to purchase the product.


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