Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeline

Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeline


The product that I am going to introduce today is 'Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner :) It's a product that contains a shadow and a gel-liner. I tried out the no.2 Brown Eyed Girls! There are many good products out there, but Tonymoly's gel eyeliners are most famous these days among the various road-shop brands. LOL

Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner <Volume: 1.6g x 2>

As a duo gel eyeliner that completes deep and dynamic eyes with crystal clear and deep colors of a gel liner and the colors of the splendid base highlighter, it's a waterproof-type gel-eyeliner that last for the entire day. 

Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner is an all-in-one brush case. :)
The brush is in the long lid and it looks very fancy because it's a brown case. 
They named the product this way because it was a product that was produced when Brown Eyed Girls were their advertising model. 

There are three colors for Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner. :)
You can do your make-ups very quickly because it contains a shadow and an eyeliner in one case! I tried out the no.2 Brown Eyed Girls, which consisted of a beige shadow + brown gel eyeliner. LOL



Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner can be separated into a brush, lid and the body. :) The brush is small and thin, and it extends like in the photograph when you pull it out. LOL It's very easy to draw the eye line because it's a flat and flexible brush and it's even better because it's a waterproof eyeliner. 


No.2 Brown Eyed girls consists of the beige shadow and the deep brown eyeliner. :)
I think it's more attractive because the shadow and the gel-liner both contain pearls. LOL
It applies very well without lumping up, it has great level of adhesion and it lasts very long because it's a waterproof product!

These are the colors of Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner No.2 Brown Eyed Girls on the back of  my hands. :)
It's a good for a base and it can also be used for creating the tears effects on the bottom area.  The deep brown gel eyeliner is more natural than the black and it creates crystal clear eyes for you. LOL

Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner is very good to use in a busy morning time. :) Apply the appropriate amount of beige shadow and rub it with your fingers! 
It better to use a cotton bud because there is only one brush and also because the colors get mixed if you use the same brush that you used for drawing your eye lines. LOL

Then apply an appropriate amount on the brush and draw the eye line. :)
It would be better to give a gradation with the beige shadow naturally because the gel-liner also has pearls in it. Draw the eye line as you wish and 
apply the mascara and you're done. LOL

The daily make-up is complete. It only took me fives minutes to finish my make up. :)
It's so easy to do the eye make-ups with Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner.
It doesn't look very empty because it has pearls in it. You only to to carry this and a mascara when you are travelling!

I recommend Tonymoly Backstage Double eyes Gel Eyeliner to those people
 who are looking for a shadow and a gel-liner that can be used very conveniently. 

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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  2. Shipping was faster than I think.

  3. Usually ships in 08 days in Korea was right.

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