Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Toner&Lotion

Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Toner&Lotion

 I am quite sure that many of you know about this, but let me explain it once again for those people 
who do not know about it. A lot of snail cosmetics had been released into the market. 
This is because of the enormous effects that snails have. 

Snails are known to restore their own shells when it is damaged. This is because of the snail filtrates (mucin) that snails possess. The cosmetics industry has released numerous products that store the aging of the skin with this mucin substance. Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail series are known to provide a synergy effects for repairing the damaged skin, for it contains filtrates of snails that are grown at Gumsan, Chungcheongnam-do of South Korea and phytocallus complex, which is a vegetable substance. Natural substances are known to make the skin moist for the entire day by balancing oil and moisture. 

 Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Toner&Lotion contains about 45% of snail filtrates and 
Tolymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Cream is known to have over 70% of snail filtrates. 
Also, it can be used on sensitive a skin because it's a product with 5 free formula. 


The lid has a whirlpool mark so that it gives a 
feeling of a snail. 


The texture is thicker than ordinary skins. 
I can say that the texture is similar to the nose. 
It is recommended that you tap in these products 
so that it goes deep into the skin instead of using it on a cosmetics cotton. 


It has a great sense of moisture on the skin and it was a little more slippery than 
ordinary skins. Also, the texture was a little oilier than ordinary skins and it seem to play the role 
of a high-moisturizing skin very well. The absorption was slower than other skins, 
but it wasn't extremely slow. 


The lotion was an emulsion-type lotion and it spread on the skin very well. 
But I applied a lot on my skin so that I got absorbed very deeply into the skin.
I was able to feel my skin becoming a lot better when I massaged it on the skin
as compared to when I've only put on the emulsion. 

The texture of this product seemed to protect the skin from the external environment by creating a protection film. 
I was so much different from those textures that simply disappeared into the skin. it wasn't as refreshing as ordinary emulsion-type lotions, but it definitely controlled the oil & moisture balance. 
 I felt that my skin was being cared from the root. 
 I think those people who have oil skin can skip the cream and use this product because it's quite rich. 

I used this product when my mom's skin became really rough after doing the age spot treatment. Her skin was extremely rough at that time and I had to do something about her skin. 
She wanted me to recommend her a product that had restoring effects and a product that wasn't too harsh for the skin. I recommended her the skin, lotion and the cream of Tonymoly and she only used them. 
My mom told me that it was so mild that it can even be used on your scars. 
She told me that her skin restored very quickly even during her skin treatment without causing much trouble. 
My mom also has a dry skin like me and she told me that
her skin became very moist just by using the skin, lotion and the cream. 


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