Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub & Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm

Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub & Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm


You should be able to know what sort of product this is just by looking at its shape.
You're right. It's a product for your lips. However, it's not a coloring product like a lipstick. It's actually a cosmetics for exfoliating your dead skin cell on your lips and providing moisture to your lips. It looks like the  unique characteristics of Tonymoly have been perfectly reflected on this product's design. 


The case isn't really hard or luxurious because the price of the product is pretty cheap. 
I don't if this is only happening to me, but mine didn't get closed very firmly. 
And when it looked at it from the side, the lid was sort of loose. 

 It is an exfoliating product that gets rid of your dead skin cells on your lips. 


It seems to have mixed the grains in the creamy massage cream that has rich oil in it. 

The grains are hard, but they are not really tiny and there isn't much in it. 
The smooth oiliness scrubs the sensitive lips without irritating the lips. 
It sort of smells like peach and I don't really like it because it smells like an artificial smell. 

Even though this product doesn't have a high protection level of ultraviolet rays, 
it does protect your lips from ultraviolet rays because it has protection function to a certain extent. 


You need to apply it on your lips by sticking your finger into it because it 's balm-type lip essence. It's kind of annoying because dust sticks on to your finger if you don't wash your hand very carefully. Also, it's quite annoying that your have to wipe it off every time. 

Even though the texture is more solid than Vaseline, but it feels a lot more rich. 
And because the product contains honey, it smells like honey. And I must tell you that the  smell lasts for a long period of time. 


I don't really know about its exfoliating effects because I currently do not have any dead skin cells on my lips. But my lips definitely became smoother after using the product. 
And it also made my lips a lot more moist because it not only made my lips smooth, but it also provided nutrition to a certain degree. 

My lips became a lot more moist and seemed to have more volume when I applied this product after using the liquid tint because lip essence was too glossy as if I've a lip gloss. 
Also, it not only made my lips moist, but it also prevented my lips from getting dry. 
It prevented my colored lips from becoming dry. It was sort of disappointing because it was a bit more stickier than the lip care products and chopsticks that I was using.  

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  1. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your eye appear smoother

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