Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Self Smoky Eye Collection

Tonymoly Self Smoky Eye Collection

I personally think the smoky eye make-up will still be popular in 2010.
I think those people who think a perfect smoky make-up is a bit too much can do the semi-smoky make-up, which is known to skip the under eyeliner. The product that I am going to introduce is an eye make-up item that should be good for doing a smoky make-up. 
The name of the product is Tonymoly Self Smoky Eye Collection. 
It's a product that has added and upgraded the brush from its previous Tonymoly Self Smoky Eye Collection. 

It's very portable and easy to store because it contains 
the best-selling Tonymoly gel eyeliner, eye shadow and a gel eyeliner brush. 

Tonymoly Self Smoky Eye Collection 

There are three different colors for the eye shadow. 
What I like the most is that I can use various colors and not only use a specific color 
because the colors are similar. 

You can use the product very cleanly because it doesn't fly in the air. I think it's because it's an eye shadow that's been baked in an oven. Also, baked-type eye shadows usually don't produce good colors. But this product produces absolutely amazing colors.
I can say that the colors are outstanding even I compare it with Tonymoly Party-Lover Trouble Dome Eye Shadow. 

The color of the gel eyeliner for all the three products is black. 
You can draw clear eye liners because the texture of the gel eyeliner is very moist and soft 
But you have to remember that most gel eye liners like this gets hardened very easily.  So in order to use it for a long time, you shouldn't throw away the cork and close it every time after using it. 

You can draw a straight line very cleanly because
the brush is very short and also because the doesn't react very sensitively to the movement(shaking) of your hand. 

The gel eyeliner has a perfect waterproof function as if it is coated with silicon. 
It wouldn't smear even if you cry. 


First of all, I emphasized the smoky by drawing the eye line. 
Especially, I drew a thick eye line for the gray smoky.
On the other hand, I've expressed a cat-like feeling on the wine smoky by slightly pulling back the eyeliner. I thought that the smoky colors weren't very easy to use in the first place. But after all, I've realized that it can be used in my everyday life because it was rather calm than florescent. 


1. You can draw a straight line at once because the texture of gel eyeliner is very smooth.
2. The colors can be used in your everyday lives because tll of the three colors do not stand out that much. 
3. It can be used for a variety of purposes because the colors of the eye shadow are very diverse. 
4. The gen eyeliner has a waterproof function.
5. The colors the eye shadow come out very well and it doesn't fly in the air. 

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