Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Volume Curling

Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Volume Curling

 It is every woman's desire to have an abundant and long eyelashes. You can create an effect of have drawn the eyeliner if you apply the mascara properly. I prefer volume mascaras that make me look like I have a lot of eyelashes because I do not have much eyelashes. Tonymoly Cats Wink Mascara Volume Curling are released in two types. The first one is the 'Volume Mascara 'that makes you look like you have a lot of eyelashes and the second one is the 'Long-Lash & Curling Mascara', which gives a perfect curling to your eyelashes. 

The smiling face of the cat on the top is quite impressive. 

 The left is the 'Curling Long-Lash'. The brush is shaped like a curved banana in order to curl up your eyelashes and also to make your eyelashes look longer. 
It can be applied very cleanly and because the brush is designed to the shape of Asian people's eyelahses. 

The photograph on the right is the 'Volume Long-Lash'. It a short and hard brush that looks like a bullet. It has the effect of making your eyelashes look abundant and long. 

 I am not quite sure whether this is happening only on me, but the liquid of the two mascaras were a bit different. The the liquid of the 'Curling Long-Lash' was a bit watery and quite a lot came off on the brush. So I usually control the amount of the mascara on the mouth because it sort of lumped up when I was applying it on my eyelashes. 

 The photograph on the left is the 'Long-Lash' and the photograph on the right is the 'Volume Long-Lash'. Both of them didn't show much differences, but 'Volume Long-Lash' lumped up much less and it was applied to the eyelashes more delicately. 
But you won't be able to tell the difference from far away.

Both of the product had a similar feeling of curling.; The 'Volume Long-Lash' didn't make your eyelashes to fall down or anything and it curled up quite well. I personally was not able to find much differences, but I was more attracted to 'Volume Long-Lash' because the liquid of the mascara didn't lump up as much. 


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