Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence Total 40ml

Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence Total 40ml


Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence


Even though it's not true to say that all people who are in their thirties are worried about getting wrinkles on their faces, but I've lost flexibility on the skin after having a baby. 
I really need to take care of my wrinkles. 
I found out Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence while I was worrying about my wrinkles. 


 Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence

They also gave me the Eco-Science Eye Mask Pack and the Bio-Cellulose Mask. :)
Perhaps they wanted me to take care of my skin more effectively.
I'll now show you the Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence. :)


The seaweeds that are grown at Jeju island and gulfweed substances are known to deliver restoring energy and they are also known to enhance the level of defense. Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence is a safe product that does not contain paraben, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, minerals and ethanol. 
It's also environment-friendly because it has used a container that produces low carbon and that can be recycled. 

 Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence is a fresh product 
that's being sold within three months from its production. 
It really matches very well with the product's naming and image. 

What is Innisfree's Bio-Healing Science?
It's a unique technology of Innisfree that adds vitality, 
enhances the skin's level of protection and 
fights against aging of the skin. 
They have extracted the sea plants that have evolved under the the salty sea for survival 
by using the low temperature distillation method for 12 hours. These natural anti-aging ingredients are 
known to be extremely effective of the skin. 


Let us take a look at the ingredients.
It's not necessarily safe just because it doesn't contain the five harmful ingredients. 
It's because Innisfree's products aren't organic cosmetics. 

 This product should be used within 30 months from its manufacturing date and within 12 months after unsealing. 

 This is the product's box that has been produced by using the soy ink. 
It can be recycled. 

Among all the wrinkle products that I've used before, 
Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence had the largest container!
Even though spot essences are products that are only used on small areas on the skin, 
I really like products that have a lot in them just like this one because 
I am getting a lot of wrinkles these days!



The blue background and the white letters and the lid make me want to trust this product. 


Most wrinkle enhancement products use containers that have minimized the contact of light and the air. 
Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence has also
used a sharp tube-type container. 



I used a lot for the test because I have a lot. LOL


 I applied it on my hand and the texture was quite thick and strong. 

 It was sort of sticky. 



I applied it on the back of my hand and it was quite chewy. 
It was definitely strong. 



I tested the texture right away. 


 Take a look at the texture~

 The texture was very strange!

I hope that you take care of your wrinkles with 
Innisfree Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence
and also seize the opportunity of going on a healing tour. :)

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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  2. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price

  3. Usually ships in 08 days in Korea was right.


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