Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Innisfree Volcanic Cluster Pores Mask

Innisfree Volcanic Cluster Pores Mask


Let me introduce Innisfree Volcanic Cluster Pores Mask!

It looks like INNISFREE is releasing a lot of products that I really like these days~
I really want to buy all of their new products.
I wanted to buy this product last time, but they were sold out. 
I had to wait for about a month to buy this product. 
I finally bought this product with a discount. 

It's such a popular product these days! LOL


It's hard-type product for those people who want to get rid of their sebum. 


It looks very cute. 
I really like the design of it. 


There is another protection cover inside when you open the lid. 
I don't really know why they placed this. LOL

Even though it looks very moist, it's not moist at all!

I scooped out a spoon with a spatula. 
It was sort of hard to take it out. 
I think's it because it's an oil-free product.

It's very dry and stiff on the skin. LOL
It almost like applying thick mud on your skin. 
I had to apply it with a bit of power because it was very dry and thick. 
But I liked it because it seemed to stick on the sebum. 


I applied the mask pack after washing my face. 
I wanted to soak the sebum while washing my face. 
I stayed like this for about 15 minutes. 

This is before washing my face. 
I can see the sebum on the end and the sides of my nose. 

Didn't it become a lot more clean?

For me, I had more sebum on my skin after washing off the pack. 
So I gently wiped off the sebum with a cotton bud.

It's a really good product that makes your nose clean. 
The effects were extremely good by considering its price and it was good because it wasn't irritating to the skin!

You'll be able to manage your pores in a very clean way
 if you use this product once or twice a week. 

Click here to purchase the product.


  1. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.

  2. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage,

  3. Today I ordered are great expectations.