Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert Live Natural Re-blossom White Cream 50ml

Lacvert Live Natural Re-blossom White Cream 50ml

This is how the product looks like. The design is quite neat. 
I've seen many other people writing reviews about eye creams. But I am simply writing a review on a cream. It looks like they've focused on their curves to express a warm feeling of the fragrance of flowers. 

This is the description that's written on the back. 
In fact, a lot of companies are releasing cosmetics that are related to the 'nature' and 'life' because natural cosmetics are very popular these days. 
I think the products that are being released these days are always using the word 'nature'. 
I guess this is another way of saying that people have begun to look for cosmetics that are less irritating to the skin. The definition of Lacvert is 'green lake' and this product is known to create a skin that's full of vitality. Let's see if that's really true. 

The design is quite neat. I personally think Lacvert care a lot about their luxurious look. 
Doesn't it look quite luxurious? Not all people decide their cosmetics by looking at the design of the product, but I personally think the companies should focus on their design to the people who are using them. If they use the container that's designed for those people who are in their thirties, it's evident that teenagers won't like to buy that product. Well.. but this product doesn't look extremely old or anything. I would give 8 points out of 10 for the design. 

This is how the product looks like when you open the lid. 
What's a little disappointing about this product is that 
it would have been better if they had a spoon with it because you have to scoop out when you are using the product. Of course, you can use your fingers, but it can contaminate the ingredients in the product. Also, some people like to have the fingernails long and it's really annoying when the cream gets stuck in your nails. I always tend to lose the cream spoon. So I personally like products that have spoons in them. And I don't want to buy the spoon separately because they always say that they don't have them. 

Let's take a close look at the product. 
The color is ivory and it's sort of yellow. 
It's actually brighter than ivory. 
I was able to smell the fragrance of flowers when I first opened the lid. 
I was able to understand why they've named their product this way. 
The smell wasn't that strong or anything. I guess I can say that the smell was quite warm. 

I applied some on the back of my hand. 
This sort of viscosity should stick very well on my skin as well. 
I have a combination skin and my skin is quite messed up because I use the cosmetics for the combination skin during during spring and autumn. So my skin becomes extremely glossy when I use some sort of skins and lotions. I just don't use those products and leave it aside. 
However, Re:Blossom Cream had a pretty good viscosity as a cream. 
It wasn't sticky and it sort of got rid of the uneasy stickiness from the skin. 
Of course, those people who have an extremely dry skin wouldn't be satisfied with this product, but I should be pretty good for those people who have a combination skin. 

I've got such a big hand. 
Can you see the differences between the right and the left?
The left is when I've only applied the skin after washing my hands and the right is when I've applied the cream after applying the skin. The skin usually becomes quite glossy after applying the cream, but it wasn't very glossy after all and it also seemed to have enough moisture. 

My sister who also has a combination skin stole my Lacvert Re:Blossom Cream because she ran out of cream and she's using the product quite well. 
(My sister has an oily skin on her forehead and the rest of her skin is dry)
What I like the most about this product is the rate of absorption. 
It doesn't make your skin glossy and it got absorbed into the skin very well when tapped it for several times. 

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