Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert Re-blossom Skin Softner & Emulsion 150ml

Lacvert Re-blossom Skin Softner & Emulsion 150ml 

I was wondering about what sort of product I should be using because I finished using the skin and the lotion that I got from Coreana last time. I've decided to try out Lacvert, which is product that Yeon Ah Kim is advertising these days. 

I've decided to use this product in order to maintain a honey skin. 
I bought the highly enriched skin set for my dry skin during winter. 

Characteristics of the product

The blooming flower looks very pretty just like the name Re: Blossom.

The product comes along with the skin, lotion and small samples of the skin, lotion, essence and the cream. I should use those small ones when I am going on a travel. 

This is how the product looks like!
I bought the gold-color product last time and I bought a product that's in the same color. 
The color is gold because their concept is honey and high enrichment. The left is the skin softener and the right is the emulsion. 

The expiration date. I really like it. LOL

It's a fresh product.

A closeup of the front. You can open the lid by turning it and this is how the design looks like. 

Re:Blossom Skin Softener - A highly-enriched softener that maintains the nutrition and the sense of moisture for a long time. 

The color isn't transparent and it's sort of beige and it's not like water and it's sort of gives you the feeling of high enrichment. 
It smells like flower and I usually use the skin on a cosmetics cotton and 
this wasn't very good to use it like that because it wasn't very watery. 
It's good to apply the appropriate amount in the direction of your skin from the inside to outside by tapping because it doesn't soak the cosmetics cotton that well. 

My skin is absorbing..
It gets absorbed very fast. 

Re: Blossom Emulsion - Emulsion : It has a highly enriched texture, it gets spread on the skin extremely well, it accelerates the active ingredients and it creates a protection layer on the skin by absorbing the emulsion. 

The emulsion has the skin color and the texture is similar to the texture of a lotion. 

I am letting my skin absorb the emulsion. 
The emulsion gets absorbed very smoothly and it leaves the moisture on the skin. 

Just like the instructions says, it absorbs the ingredients that are good to the skin. 
But the person who had introduced this product for me said that it may not match on me because I have a lot of oil on my skin. But I think she's wrong. It matched very well on me without causing any trouble. It doesn't seem to have any oil in it!

It doesn't have oil it. Even though it gets absorbed very quickly, you can feel the moisture on the skin. The sense of moisture isn't sticky and I think it's a perfect product to use during winter and until early spring. I am satisfied with it.
Let's create a honey skin!

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