Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert LV Collagen Plus Vital Essence 55ml

Lacvert LV Collagen Plus Vital Essence 55ml

LV is the one of lines in Lacvert - 

Polymeric gel network helps continually absorbing in the skin, and lightly and softly adhere to skin to keep the moisture such a long time. This is enriched elasticity essence.

After using skin booster, pumping for 2~3 times and applying and tapping on cheeks, chin, nose, forehead enough.

It colored fur pink, and small size, the case is really cute

But can you see broken in the lid? I am so sad.
I did not fell it down or nothing, but I knew it lately.

It is opaque white type.
The scent..? It is just normal cosmetics~ I don''t like it.

It adhered very well -
It is essence that I can feel some greasy.

At first when I applied, I felt little bit sticky,
but It absorbed fast.
After absorbing at all, It does not feel sticky, but fresh,.

The left is before, and right is after.
It is such a base product, that there is not a big different, but there is a cheekbone has a difference. You can see it is glossy.
The left is taken after some the washing the face, I get little tight, because I am dry skin.
After using this essence, It just removed.

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