Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamonde 1-sec Magic BB (SPF34,PA++) Review

The product that I am going to introduce today is Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB. 
It's a product that has a light and quick sense of absorption with a powdery finish. 
People often look for those refreshing cosmetics that do not have much oil in it in summer. 
I believe Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB is a perfect product for those people. 

This is the TV advertisement of Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB starring Yoo Ri of Girls Generation. Yoo Ri is a new model of this product. It seems to have shown the fact that Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB gets absorbed into the skin very lightly and quickly. 
I also liked Mamonde Moisture BB, the product that I've shown you a few days ago and Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB was also very good to use in summer. 

 The volume of Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB is 40ml. 
The product helps to create a clean skin tone with its outstanding fitting ability. 
It's a perfect product for summer because it's a BB cream in a new concept that has a a soft finish without stickiness. 


You can easily carry around this cream because it's in a small tube case. 
It applies very smoothly and lightly on the skin because it's a liquid type BB cream that has a great spread-ability and adhesion. I would like to recommend this Magic BB Cream for those people who want to do a summer makeup that isn't glossy. 

Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB was one of the most watery and light BB creams that I've used. 
Also, the smooth and slippery feeling on the skin was very unique. It is known that this happens because of the magic sliding powder. You can feel the silky and soft finish on your skin without stickiness that similar to the baby's skin, for it create a protection film on the surface of the skin. 

It is recommended that you shake this BB cream before you use it. 
It's very easy to control the amount because it has a sharp mouth and also because it's a watery liquid-type BB cream. You don't have to worry about the content running down because there is a rubber packing inside. 


 Mamonde 1-Second Magic BB has antioxidant effects because it contains chamomile extracts. 
It was sort of disappointing because the content ran down on the mouth because of its watery texture. The product is known to make the makeup last on the skin for a long time by temporarily reducing the size of the pores. 


 This magic BB cream has a very watery texture with a light feeling. The liquid runs down very easily if you lean to the side. This makeup is very nice because it doesn't have the gray color and you can do a speedy makeup because it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. It is a great product that can be used in summer because It has a light touch and doesn't have much sense of oil. It really feels good when you are applying the product because it has this delicate floral fragrance. 



Mamonde 1-sec Magic BB spread very well on the skin even with a small amount and it also covers the fine wrinkles and pores pretty well. It adheres onto the skin very lightly, gets absorbed into the skin as if it was my skin from the beginning and it helps to create a bright skin tone. It was really cool because it held back the moisture in the skin and also because it had a soft and powdery feeling on the outside. 



 You should be able to do the refreshing summer makeup very easily if you have Mamonde 1-sec Magic BB. It's a perfect product for summer because it's light, gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, has a pretty nice covering ability and also because it has a powdery finish. 
It was really great because it helped me to create a smooth skin because it got absorbed into the skin in a very speedy way just like its name 'Mamonde 1-sec Magic BB'. 

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  1. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.