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The product that I am going to introduce today is Mamonde Total Solution Watery BB, which is one of three BB creams of Mamonde. This product has been selected as the 'Powder Room's Hit Item' on August. 

A powerful waterproof BB type that is highly resistant to water and sweat. It maintains the softness of the skin by absorbing the sebum with sebum control powder.

 I personally like Mamonde's products very much. I am also currently using Mamonde Moisture BB Cream and it was really nice with a great sense of moisture. I wanted to find out how Watery BB was like. I was able to receive this product because I won the event held by Powder Room. 

This is the Watery BB that's been selected as the 'Hit Item' of August. 

 I can carry it around in my pouch very easily because it's not very big. 


 The product description and instructions were written the on back. The expiration date was 12 months after unsealing. The date of manufacture is written on the bottom. The product was manufactured on June 6th of 2012. It's pretty fresh product. 

This is how the mouth looks like. I guess the mouth is sort of dirty. It was like this way when I got the product. So I thought that the product was used by someone. But it was a fresh product after all. 

The texture is very much like water. 


I ran the oil test. Just like the name, the Moisture BB had a great sense of moisture and not much oil. However, the Water BB doesn't have much oil either. It didn't seem to have that glossiness that I used to have on my T-zone in the evening 

I compared it with Hanskin's BB Cream, which is a product that had been using until recently. 


 I took this photograph after applying it on my face. It had a really soft feeling. 
The covering ability was quite nice as well. More than anything else, the unique floral smell of Mamonde is really amazing. 

I took this photograph in the evening after applying Hanskin's Water BB and doing the makeup in the morning. This is the condition of my skin after about eight hours. 


 As you can see, Mamonde Watery BB didn't have much glossiness and it had maintained the skin's original color. Hanskin's BB was quite glossy on the skin. My makeup doesn't get erased very easily because I do not sweat a lot. But I guess the photograph that I took after eight hours does make a huge difference. My face seems to have lost the bright skin. However, it was more natural. Watery BB had the unique gray color of BB creams when I first applied it on my face. But it seems like it's a really powerful waterproof product. It seems like it's not going to leave the traces of tears even when I cry. I would have been so much better if I knew about Watery BB during early summer. Well.. I am still going to use it for a soft skin. 

How to use: Shake the bottle 3-5 times after finishing your basic cosmetics, gently apply a moderate amount on your face and tap your skin for a finish. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage, fits my skin colour totally!