Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Age Control Essence Review


Age Control Essence

A skin care essence that helps to make the rough skin and the dark skin tone 
 smooth and bright. 

The area on the left of the product box looks like a pink heart. 
To me, it seems like heart-shaped floral leaves flying in the air. 

The back of the case is pink. 
You can check the name of the product, characteristics of the product and the volume (40ml). 

The effects, instructions, volume, ingredients and warnings are written on the side in silver. 

I took closeup. 
There are a lot of extracts in it. 

This is the opposite side. 

Let me show you in more detail. 
I personally love descriptions like these. 
*   Facial expressions e\wrinkle care (it lifts up the skin near your eyes and mouth and takes care of fine wrinkles) 
* Skin care (It makes the skin bright and smooth)
* Flexibility care (It makes the structure of the skin dense and flexible) 

This is from the top. 
Let's see how the product looks like. I am most nervous right now. 

Ta-da! When you open the box, it says that you should read the instructions on one side.
It doesn't have a separate instruction manual and you can simply read the instructions that's written on the product box. 

The harmony of pink and wine color. 
It looks really luxurious. 

This is how big the product is when you grab it. 
I think it's sort of bigger than an ordinary essence. 

The date of manufacture is written on the bottom of the product. 

It's very convenient to control the amount because it''s pump container. 
I really like it because the pump presses very smoothly. Also, you can use it in a very clean way until the end. 

I took a little out on the back of my hand. 
The content is light ivory. 
I guess the texture is in between a lotion and a cream. 


I applied it on the back of my hand. 
It really feels amazing on the skin. 
It's not disturbing and it's good because it has the floral fragrance. 

I applied it on one side of my hand. 
It feels very smooth. 
It feel really good when you are applying and it's a moist product that has an appropriate amount of oil. 

This is when I've only applied the toner and the lotion after washing my face. 

I'll now apply it on my face. 
It applies extremely well. 

This is after using Mamonde Age Control Essence. 
It has become moist in the overall sense. 
I really liked the moist and soft feeling that didn't any any stickiness. 

I compared my skin before and after using the product. 
The skin became moist instantly and it was a product that had enabled me to feel that my skin was becoming smooth and soft. Also, I was able to feel that the skin tone was becoming brighter. I think it's an amazing product because it's supposed to be a product for enhancing the wrinkles, but it also improves my skin tone. 

As a person who has a dry skin, I am totally satisfied with this product. 
I would like to strongly recommend it for those people how have dry skin and neutral skin. 

I also recommend it for those people who are worrying about their dark skin tone and also those who want their skin to be smooth. I would have to use the product a little longer to be able to find out the effects of wrinkle enhancement.  

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  1. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.