Monday, March 25, 2013

Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream Review


Mamonde Ultra Repair Cream  ♩ Makes the skin moist !


The snow hasn't melted yet, but it's raining. The roads were frozen these days because it was also very cold. It took so much time for me to walk to work. My skin became extremely rough and dry when I faced the storm. I should be taking care of my skin even more carefully in a weather like these. My skin used to be soft on the next day even when I didn't take care of it when I had good skin. But it seems like my skin is becoming dark and losing flexibility because of the aging of the skin that's taking place very rapidly. Let me introduce Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream, which is a product that can help you to take the load off from your shoulder.  Isn't the name really long? To put it simply, it's a nutrition cream. 

Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream is known to be more effective for those people who are in their thirties because aging of the skin takes place more rapidly for those people who are in their thirties. You know that losing flexibility, getting fine wrinkles and having a dark skin are  some of the symptoms that you get. This product is known to provide enhancement of the skin inn three weeks. But I haven't used it for three weeks yet. 

Mamonde's case wasn't very luxurious. 
I think people really love this brand because their products aren't that expensive. 

 The expiration date is written on the bottom. 
You should use it within twelve months after unsealing. It seems like I have to use it by scooping it out because it's winter these days. 

Unfortunately, it didn't have a spatula in it. 
I opened Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Creamand and it had a seal in it. 
It makes me feel that I am using the product for the first time. 

 I opened the protection lid and there was the chewy nutrition cream that seemed to have a lot of nutrition in it. I really liked it because it didn't have any smell. You know I am very sensitive to smell. 


As you can see, the texture of Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream is very chewy. 
The cream doesn't run down very easily because it has viscosity and it's feels quite heavy. 
I think it's because it's a cream that has a lot of nutrition in it. 
You normally have to apply heavy cream on your skin during winter because the skin becomes extremely dry. It's a pretty good product in that sense. 

 First, I applied the cream on the back of my hand. 
I can see the roughness and the dryness with my eyes because the back of my hand is also very dry these days. First of all, it felt quite heavy. 


 Even though the texture was sort of heavy, the absorption wasn't that slow. 
The back of my hand became moist right away. It seemed to have a bit of oil in it 
because it's a nutrition cream after all. 

I applied Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream on my face after applying the basic cosmetics. The skin used to have a lot of dead skin and it used to be very dry before applying the product. In the overall sense, the product applies very thickly. The cream seems to go very deeply into the skin.  I personally think it should be good for those people who have dry skin because it's a cream that provides both a sense of nutrition and moisture. I get to apply it in the evening everyday because the weather these days is extremely dry. It goes very easy on me because it has a very delicate fragrance. More than anything else, it's really nice because it doesn't make my skin dry after applying the product. It's sort of heavy on the skin in the morning, but it's perfect in the evening. 
I should take a look at the condition of my skin after regularly applying the product some more.