Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 100ml Wash off Review

 The days are really dry and rough these days. 
So I've decided to try out the moisturizing pack because I get to look for products that are related to moisture effects again and again. Mamonde Gold Honey Pack! I got eso excited when I heard that his product contains gold and honey. I am really curious about it. 

Honey and gold extracts. It really has them!

I flipped it over and the gold powder was sparkling~!

Isn't it funny that gold and honey provide moisture to the skin?

 The thing that I was most surprised by opening the product 
was that it smelled like honey!

 I was really surprised. So I smelled it for a long time and I thought that children would have to be careful about it. You know.. children may eat this because it smells like honey. It's sort of dangerous. Mamonde Gold Honey Pack! You can check with your nose that it contains honey. 

Well. It has a bit of viscosity. It wan't as sticky as I've expected it to be. It was sort of like honey. 
The instruction says that I have to apply it on my face for 10-15 minutes. 
In fact, I haven't tried it yet. Let me now supplement some moisture on my skin~!

My skin is really rough these days and 
I am getting all sorts of blemishes on my face. 
I really don't want this to happen because I am not that good at doing my makeup and I won't be able to cover them. 

One of my acquaintance bought me this product because she knows that I become very sensitive when I begin to have a bad skin. 

Mamonde Gold Honey Pack. 
I am here to recommend this product that will make my skin moist in this cold weather. 

I am twenty nine this year and my skin isn't considered to be too bad unless I touch them with my hands. But that no longer applies to me. In fact, I have such an extremely dry skin. 
My skin becomes really messed up when I get a lot of stress. The doctor at the hospital told me that it's a sort of diseased that's caused by stress. My skin is becoming rough and dry everyday because of alcohol, cigarettes, irregular and bad eating habits. 

Anyway, I am quite relieved because Mamonde's products are considered to be mild for the skin. 

I opened it. 

I am getting nervous because this is my first time to write a review on cosmetics. 
This product is known to provide moisture and strengths to the skin 
with gold powder and honey. 

I personally use honey a lot when I am making a pack at home. 
Even though it's expensive, I sometimes can yield it to my skin .

My sister always used to tell me that honey and wine are good for the oily skin and honey and mil are good for the dry skin. So I've been doing the massage all the time like that. 
It's the first time for me to use a honey pack after using Nature Republic's red ginseng see pack. I opened the lid and the fresh smell of honey came out and it was very refreshing. 

I applied the pack very densely. 
You can see the gold powder if you look at it closer. 
It's always a good idea to apply the product after applying the mist after washing your face. 

I should also do the nose pack some time. 
The product sort of made me skin sore at first, but this never happened afterwards. 
I really liked it because it smelled like honey and it seems like it is making my face warm and it also has the effects for calming down the skin. 

This is after fifteen minutes. 
The viscosity was almost gone and only the gold powder remained on the skin. 
The skin that used be rough and dry became glossy.
However, it didn't provide that much flexibility. 

I had to wash it off for about twice with warm water because it was very slippery. 
But it didn't make my skin dry after washing my face and the moisturizing ability was extremely nice to a point that I can apply the skin & lotion without spraying the mist right away. 

I've been using this for about three months after I received it as a gift last winter.
I bought Mamonde Gold Honey Pack once again this winter. 

It's not a bad choice if you are worried about your skin during winter. 

Anyway, I'll be going on a diet now. 

I am going to play squash tomorrow morning. 
I hope all the neighbors go to their sleep after applying a huge amount of pack. 
Good night everyone. 

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!