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Mamonde Pure White Watery Cream Review

Mamonde Pure White Watery Cream Review

 Mamonde Whitening Cream / Mamonde Pure White Watery Cream / Mamonde Moisturizing Cream / Mamonde Whitening Cream

Volume: 50ml

A moist water gloss whitening cream that makes your skin bright and transparent

Niacinamide: As an amide derivatives of vitamin B3, it helps to suppress the pigmentation of the skin by blocking the melanin that's created in the skin from moving into the surface of the skin, and enhances the skin tone by accelerating the division of the dead skin cells. 

White Bouquet Complex (Extracts from lily of the valley, myrtle and daffodil): It provides moisture to the skin and reduces the dead skin cells on the skin to make the skin smooth and enhance the transparency of the skin to create a bright and glossy skin. 

AP Snowray Complex: As a specialized ingredient that's created with Amore Pacific's 60 years of technical skills, the product has combined extracts from the paper mulberry and licorice. These ingredients are known to be extremely effective for enhancing the skin tone, prevention of troubles and acceleration of blood circulation. 



There is a protection film inside the bottle. 
You can only see this film when you open it for the first time. 
The film will stick on the lid when you are opening for the second time. 


The white and transparent texture

You'll be able to see the fine pearls in the photograph. I tried my best to take a photograph of the pearls. But I guess it's not very clear in the photograph. 

Whitening products normally have pearls in it.
I've heard that pearls are effective for whitening effects. I don't know if that's really true or not. 

I tested the oil on the oil paper. (The oil paper test is actually sort of different than what you might feel on the actual skin)
It has got quite of bit of oil. LOL
I've tested the skin and the lotion when I was really fond of pure white in the past. 
But it has so much oil in it. I've been thinking that they were extremely refreshing and moist. 
But I was sort of disappointed after all.. LOL

This is my arm. 


I applied it on my arm. 
It was sort of oily at first. 

It all got absorbed after 30 minutes. 
It doesn't show a big difference in the eyes, 
but the area that has applied the cream and the area without it feel a lot different. 

The cream got absorbed completely on the arm, 
but the oil layer still remained a bit on my dry face. 


The left is when I applied the skin and the right is when I applied the cream. 
I doesn't show a big difference because my skin becomes extremely oily during summer.

I promise that I'll take a better closeup photograph on my next review. 


It feels a little heavy for a person who has an oily skin especially during summer
I mean.. what product wouldn't be heavy during summer if you have an oily summer?

I think it should be great if you apply this product at night because your skin becomes dry in the evening. And I think it would be great to use this product in the morning and evening during autumn. 

I don't think you have to worry about oil because your skin becomes soft and smooth in the morning if you use it during autumn. This product is actually a little insufficient during winter. Also, it doesn't seem to create a strong silicon layer as compared to Etude House. 


I think this product should be good for winter if you have a dry skin 
and it would be good for spring and autumn if you have a complex skin. 
It's a sort of insufficient during winter for a person like me who has a complex skin. 


I did experience a bit of whitening effects,
but my skin is originally quite white. 

I don't really expect whitening effects for cosmetics. 
If there was something that I want, it would be the enhancement of my look. 

For me, I think it's always better for me to sleep early and eat good food 
rather than expecting dramatic effects on cosmetics. 
And I had more money, I would undergo a cosmetic procedure. 

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